Showcasing AI-Based Learning Systems at DemoFest, DevLearn 2018

By Hubspot System Oct 24, 2018

DevLearn 2018 is all set to happen from 24-26 October, in Las Vegas as always. And one of the best parts of the event is the DemoFest. It’s an exciting showcase of the range of eLearning solution developed by the participants, and a chance to witness the first hand innovations sweeping the industry.

This year, Srijan will be a part of the DemoFest at DevLearn. It’s our chance to showcase the ambitious digital learning ecosystem we are developing for Estee Lauder, and everything that it’s capable of.

The Srijan team - Shashank Merothiya and Arunima Shekhar - will we talking about the AI-based Learning and Assessment Platform being built for Estee Lauder.

This learning platform takes apart their existing one-size-fits-all learning system, and create an intelligent solution that can help personalize the enterprise learning process. AI-based evaluation help map out what each employee has learnt, and what they are yet to learn based on a host of cues:

  • Length of the training content consumed
  • Number of post-training questions answered
  • How much time was taken to answer them, and more.

All of this analysis present a detailed picture of employee learning. And helps Estee Lauder ensure that the right information and training is pushed to the people, based on exactly what they need to learn.

If you this all that’s interesting, do join the session at DemoFest, on 25 Oct, 4-6 PM.

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