Honey traceability with blockchain

A smarter supply chain ecosystem of honey producers, suppliers, and consumers.

Is your honey really organic?

Since 2003, India’s honey exports to the European Union and the UK has been under the scanner for adulteration and presence of antibiotics such as ‘streptomycin’. Poor internal quality and testing standards are the culprits along with adulterated Chinese honey which is packaged and exported to other regions as ‘Indian honey’.

Lack of transparency poses questions on the authenticity and adulteration risks of food products, like honey.

Our smart supply chain ecosystem uses blockchain technology to create accountability and visibility in the honey supply chain. It enables transactions to be shared securely and efficiently among participants with a permanent and irreversible record of the journey of the product.

It connects and empowers honey producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers through a robust technology infrastructure and removes inefficiencies.



Trace the status, location and details of honey from hive to stores


Food Safety

Securely trace products in seconds to mitigate cross-contamination, and reduce wastage and the economic burden of recalls


Transparent Process

Brings visibility and accountability in the food supply chain. A network connecting growers, processors, distributors, and retailers through access and sharing of records on food system data


A Sustainable Supply Chain

Identify inefficiencies and ensure the maintenance of quality of goods across the entire supply chain, increasing shelf life and reduction in product loss.

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