We think of ourselves as a group of technology creatives. That helps us see better, think clearer, and spot opportunities that weren’t visible. All for you.

Great products need more than just exceptional technology expertise. It needs people who are willing to take a leap of faith with you - to own your outcome. So that it gets the grit, attention, and care it needs.

People qualities and technical knowledge merge in the work we do. We deliver with empathy, reason and imagination.

Sharing the forum at the first Drupal event in Kolkata as Sponsors Mar 3, 2020

Srijan will be sponsoring the first DrupalCamp in Kolkata. The event will be held on 21 March. More details inside.

Srijan Preps up to Deliver Great Digital Experiences in Travel Tech ME Awards Feb 28, 2020

Srijan is elated to be digital experience partners for Travel Tech Middle East Awards 4th Edition, in Riyadh. More details inside.

Sponsors at Kubernetes Forum; Meet us at our Exhibition Booth Jan 31, 2020

Srijan is excited to announce that we’ll be sponsoring the event and swapping ideas on February 17, at Mapho Convention Centre. More details inside.

Srijan is Sponsoring Drupal Global Contribution Weekend Jan 14, 2020

Drupal Global Contribution Weekend is happening on 24-26 January 2020. Srijan is thrilled to sponsor the grand event. More details inside.

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