Srijan Sponsors Tech Triveni ’19
Nov 8, 2019 New Delhi, India

Srijan Sponsors Tech Triveni ’19

Nov 8, 2019 New Delhi, India

Srijan joins Tech Triveni ‘19 as a Silver Sponsor. The event is scheduled for 23 -24 November 2019 at India International Centre, Delhi.

Sriram Sitaraman - Practice head, Analytics and Data Science - will present a keynote session on Recommendation Engines - Unsupervised Learning to Discover Hidden Patterns in your Content in the AI/ML track.

Tech Triveni is Asia’s first event combining three technologies - Functional Programming, Big Data, and Reactive Programming. It's a unique experience for developers, data scientists, decision-makers and enthusiasts & experts from IT to collaborate on the latest architectures for building and running reactive, big data and functional systems that are scalable, high on performance using the reactive and Lightbend stack.

Tech Triveni 2.0 also brings 1 day of Workshop with a hands-on session. Gain hands-on technical learning with expert instructors providing step-by-step instructions and get acquaintance with the latest tech, and experiences that matter, and hear the latest updates and ideas directly from the experts.

The event also presents an opportunity to learn about the latest advances in reactive and functional programming, microservices, streaming data, big data as well as real-world enterprise best practices. Get the latest insights and skills from technology leaders and practitioners who are involved in shaping the future of these technologies.

About Srijan

Srijan has been enabling enterprises in modernizing their digital systems as per changing business models and demands for the last 15+ years. A global leader in open-source technologies, our industry forte but not limited to, is media, travel, healthcare, telecom, retail, pharmaceutical, eCommerce and financial sector.

With the core team based out India, we also have teams distributed in the USA, Japan, Philippines, United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany with a fusion of technology expertise and business acumen, to deliver the best to our clients. Our clientele includes Estee Lauder, Staples, FlightCentre, Hindawi, Vodafone, Crain, Diversey, PTT Global, and names in Fortune 500.

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