Srijan Sponsored And Hosted FrontEnd (Re)United Delhi 2019
May 17, 2019 Noida, India

Srijan Sponsored And Hosted FrontEnd (Re)United Delhi 2019

May 17, 2019 Noida, India

FrontEnd (Re)United was held on 17-18 May 2019 in Delhi at To The New headquarters. Srijan couldn’t be more thrilled about it as this time not only did it sponsor the event, but hosted it too.

There were 50+ participants, including front-end and full stack developers, UI/UX and web designers from all across the region, gathered under one roof to discuss varied aspects of front-end programming. Everyone was excited to level up their skills and network with peers and were ready to catch up with the latest updates.

Srijan hosts FRU 2019 on 17 th May

FRU 2019 was one of a kind event, wherein the participants got a chance to attend talks streaming live from Utrecht, Netherlands. A team of professionals were present at the venue to ensure a smooth show and enthrall the audience with the unique experience. The participants had questions in mind which were posted on an online platform, Slido, and were answered at the end of each session.

Just like other technology meetup, this too had an interesting lineup of speakers sharing their knowledge for a beginner, intermediate and expert level. The speakers shared practical insights and knowledge from their vast experience in the field which were interesting enough to engage the geeky audience minds.

Here’s How Srijan Contributed

Srijan always looks forward to such events as a keen contributor to the open source community. We consider such voluntary engagements important as we can’t thrive in isolation. This time too, apart from sponsoring and hosting the event, we attended as well as presented sessions and took it as a means to collaborate with other community members.

Welcome Note - FrontEnd (Re)United by Shadab Ashraf

Hailing from Marketing background, Shadab is the head of Community and Social Media at Srijan. Being well acquainted with community building activities and being flagbearer of digital transformation, he gave a runthrough of FRUDelhi agenda, importance of technical communities and how you can succeed in becoming an active contributor in the open source technology space.  

CSS Battle: Flex Vs Grid by Surbhi Gupta

Being a senior front-end developer herself, Surbhi is well versed with the latest know-how in web development. She explained the difference between CSS grid and flexbox like a pro and clarified the related use cases and how each of them has made it easier to create complex layouts without javascript. The layout system in the native browser itself makes the code easy to understand and maintain.

Besides this, To The New team was happy to welcome their former technical lead, Ashish Kumar Thakur, who is now a part of Srijan, and is recognized as Lead Evangelist for Drupal competency. The employees were ecstatic to see him back and couldn’t stop networking with him.

We Love Being Part Of The Community

At Srijan, we believe in giving back to the community by contributing the most and in the best way possible. We ensure to make a difference through the work we do everyday for open source. Srijan doesn’t lose any chance to contribute or share its love for the community by offering a helping hand in spreading its word by organizing, attending, hosting and sponsoring DrupalCamps and DrupalCons across different regions in India and abroad.

Drupal being one of the largest communities in the world, with developers, strategists, coordinators and sponsors coming together to collaborate and contribute. Srijan loves to be a part of such community which is close-knit, supportive and passionate.

We are the largest Drupal company in Asia-Pacific and we specialize in creating high-traffic websites and complex web applications in Drupal.

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