Srijan is Now an Acquia Preferred Partner
Nov 4, 2019 New York

Srijan is Now an Acquia Preferred Partner

Nov 4, 2019 New York
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Offering stupendous support and contribution as an Acquia partner, Srijan, one of the largest Drupal-based companies worldwide transforming digital systems, is now an Acquia preferred partner.

Our expertise in working across different industries and proficiency in leveraging the Acquia platform & its expanded AI capabilities for personalization and journey orchestration facilitates enterprises in implementing low-friction digital transformation throughout for more effective results. Our teams work on Acquia Lift and commerce, cloud engineering, API modernization, and data intelligence. It helps our clients leverage Acquia solutions to their full potential for better engagement, and boost in revenue.

Acquia partnerships are achieved based on the development of intelligent, innovative, & creative solutions, faster delivery of affordable and easy-to-use solutions, continuous adoption of the technology throughout businesses, and adhering to customer-first approach to delivering an engaging and personalized experience. Acquia Partners are the most trusted service providers when it comes to designing, building and managing enterprise applications on the Acquia Platform.

It is a noteworthy step in Srijan’s quest to offer top-notch technology services to its customers and clients. Leveraging Acquia’s repository of tools along with its expertise,  it’ll be able to deliver innovative solutions and personalized experiences to help its clients achieve their business goals efficiently. 

About Srijan

Srijan Technologies, a prominent digital and engineering solution provider, offers an agile and customer-centric approach to help enterprises engage users, boost conversions, and increase ROI. Acquia’s partner-first approach empowers Srijan to evolve and leverage its capabilities to create and deliver intelligent solutions that are cost-friendly and easy-to-use.  

The company is one of the eminent service providers in India along with the footprints in the USA, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, and the UK.

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