Srijan has been helping clients build new features for websites using JavaScript. Here are some of the projects where Srijan has used JavaScript successfully.

Dynamic page block and information cards for a custom writing company

Srijan created a dashboard and writer search page for the client.

We created dynamic blocks using APIs in Angular, with accordion functionality. The Search/Filter feature can filter content on the basis of keywords.


A writer search page has also been created where writers can be searched on the basis of different parameters and keywords.


Tech tools - Angular.js


Quoting Application Wizard for Auto Insurance Company

Srijan built an interactive wizard which takes the user Information, and fetches related cars and drivers information using the LexisNexis API.

We generated HTML pages on the fly by consuming JSON which had all the information required to generate forms. These HTML forms have complex business logic related to drivers and vehicles. This enabled the end user to add or modify the information, as well as assign drivers to specific vehicles. The quiz pages were generated on the fly by consuming Drupal API, which gives a set of questions based on user/driver profile.

Finally, we rendered the page with quotes displaying the match scores. The end user gets the option to print and change the preferences related to quotes.

Tech Tools Used: JavaScript (Promises), jQuery, Octopus Pattern, Local Storage, Web Services


Information Aggregation for a search platform that brings local search and deals in one place

Srijan helped the client with aggregating product data from multiple e-commerce sources.

We built a Node.js application that crawls source websites using Tor as a proxy in a fixed pre-defined manner. Then each product page was processed using Cheerio to extract information, which we converted into JSON. This was saved to MongoDB.

Tech tools Used: Node.js, MongoDB, Cheerio, BlueBird (Promises), async, Tor.

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