Gaining Insight on the Disease Spread With Open-source Patient Database

Built on top of an open-source platform, the Covid-19 database application offers access to large-scale and salient data of Covid-19 patients in India. The regularly updated data can help in identifying the pattern of the virus being spread and the potential solutions to stop the outbreak.


  • Leverages Drupal 8 to ensure great user experience and secure management of data through APIs for massive community-scale use-cases
  • Speedy registration and collaboration process. Registered volunteers can easily pull data from various sources and update patients’ data hassle-free on this platform.
  • A crowd-sourced and collaborated source to extract patients’ data for policymakers to identify the areas of the outbreak and its severity to outline new guidelines accordingly
  • The platform is open-source and can be replicated to handle patients’ data for other epidemics taking place anywhere in the world

The Challenge

With the Covid-19 pandemic becoming a global crisis now, a multitude of people are catching infection every day worldwide and India is no exception to it.

However, serious trouble is here to acquire verified details of Covid-19 patients across India and accumulate it in one place in real-time for developers, researchers, statisticians, and policymakers to help them leverage it and cease the spread of this outbreak.

Additionally, a little or no collaboration among crowdsourcing platforms makes it cumbersome for site admins to update details without any hassle. The use of spreadsheets and Google forms further makes the whole task tedious, abandoning less reliable data on the site/app for users!

The Solution

Srijan is dedicated to supporting organizations across the globe who are fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Find out how we are contributing to confront this crisis-

Understanding the significance of relevant and verified patients’ data to help contain the spread of the virus, Srijan has developed a Covid-19 Database application to aid-

  • Developers build applications, dashboards, or for integration in existing apps. The database can be useful to build and manage government initiated similar apps, like Aarogya Setu
  • Data engineers & statisticians identify the zones of infected areas based on the location of patients, the pattern in which Covid-19 is being transmitted among people and communities to prevent its further transmission
  • Scientists and health professionals studying and trying to find a solution to stop the outbreak by analyzing the various facts associated with the virus spread among patients
  • Policy Makers (Enforcement Agencies/Civic Agencies) identify the areas of outbreak and severity of the spread to take actions accordingly

Various elements and features for API listing

An uber-cool collaboration and crowdsourcing platform that uses API to ensure secure and with regular updates in the most feasible manner, find out how it works-

The working mechanism of Covid-19 Database Application

The pre-requisite for those who are willing to contribute is to register themselves as volunteers through the self-registration forms. Once their account is approved, they can access the system and start contributing to increase its effectiveness.

various fields for registration form


  1. Volunteers can update the patient details using a UI that is intuitive and easy to maintain the patient details. To maintain the sanity of the patient data, there is a work-flow in place
  2. Any new patient entry made or any update to the existing patient data done by the volunteer will go for review by the patient database admin
    fields necessary for self-registration
  3. DB Admin can publish or reject the changes after verifying the details added by Volunteer
  4. Covid-19 Patient data added/updated through the Feed and the volunteers are immediately available through the UI and Openspec API

information related to paitents

Key Takeaways

The Covid-19 Database Project is built to handle the large scale patient database using collaboration. The outcome of Covid-19 Database project can be summarized as-


  • Covid-19 Data leverages APIs for including aggregate & anonymized patient data from disparate sources
  • A collaboration & crowdsourcing platform for volunteers
  • An open-source software project is a public-private partnership (PPP) that can be provisioned for a government, healthcare or outbreak response team


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