Embracing Telehealth to Identify Undiagnosed COVID-19 Patients

Simplified chatbot to analyze the risks and symptoms of COVID-19. The tool is effective in identifying undiagnosed patients as per the WHO guidelines without them visiting the hospitals or exposing themselves to the potential virus.



  • A digital self-checker to evaluate the symptoms of COVID-19 as per WHO and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines
  • Recommends basic protective measures against COVID-19
  • It also analyzes the risk ranging from low to high, as per the answers marked by users
  • Seamlessly integrates with websites and apps across different industry domains

The Challenge

With coronavirus spreading exponentially across the world, it is suspected that there are a large number of undiagnosed patients. 

On the other hand, the rising number of cases has created panic among the people. Even just catching a common cold is making them anxious and ready to see a doctor exposing themselves to and endangering their near and dear ones with possible exposure to the virus.  

Given this, it is only adding to the number of infected people around the world besides putting unnecessary pressure on health professionals and hospitals.

The Solution

Srijan is committed to supporting organizations across the world who are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out how we're doing our part to confront this crisis. 

We understand that in times when people are supposed to maintain social distancing, telehealth has become an imperative tool to take care of oneself and make their loved ones feel safe as the COVID-19 pandemic quickly evolves. 

We built an application, a COVID-19 self-assessment, for a quick screening to find out the symptoms of the virus in the users. 

Take the COVID-19 self-assessment test

The user is supposed to answer the simple questions put up. Once all the questions get answered by users, the result is generated. Depending on it, users can consult doctors from afar without the need to go out.


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Virtual technology like this chatbot created can keep the children and elderly safe in their homes. 

The self-checker also guides people on how to stay safe and protected from the virus by illustrating the do’s and don’ts as prepared by WHO and CDC.

This way people can panic less, stay calm, and also abide by the lockdown guidelines issued by the governments. 

Key Takeaways

Coronavirus can be defeated if people stay indoors and maintain social distancing.

  • The chatbot in the self-assessment app attempts to identify the signs of coronavirus in users and guide them on the best practices to stay safe.

  • Besides, they can avoid flooding hospitals to alleviate the miseries of clinical staff and ensure getting sound advice afar from trusted sources.

  • The chatbot can be customized and integrated with businesses from different verticals like path-breaking Symptoms Checker that would further improve the patient’s experience. 

The following chatbot could be a possible replacement for traditional online symptoms checker with its intuitive conversational interface that would encourage user engagement.


Take the COVID-19 self-assessment test


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