AI-based Image Captioning Tool to Generate Human-readable Captions

The AI-based Image Captioning tool generates human-readable captions or textual descriptions after comprehending the images based on individual components of the object and actions taken in them.


  • Integration of the AR engine with a scalable Drupal CMS, to ensure updated product availability for virtual try-ons
  • Generates image captions automatically judiciously using Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks
  • Tags will enable users to identify the objects in the images and index them for any future use
  • Saves significant time and effort, reducing manual intervention

The Challenge

For the likes of media and publishing companies, generating n number of content pieces each day, captioning images has been a manual effort so far. It takes significant effort when there is a high volume of images that are published online because generating captions that accurately describe the object and their relationship with their surroundings is not easy. 

To replicate this behavior daily and putting important time to it, then, becomes another challenge itself. Something that can be automated with the help of AI and neural networks. 

The Solution

To overcome this problem, we at Srijan Technologies have come up with an image-captioning tool based on Artificial Intelligence and Convolutional Neural Networks to simplify and automate the caption generation. 

image captioning gif


The tool has been trained effectively with more than ten thousand images.

With increasing awareness on accessibility and providing better user experience, the tool can be used for both image captioning and generating alt text. Designed to deliver accurate and reliable image captioning, the results can be used to provide 

Enterprises can use it, either by

  1. Uploading an image from their database or provide a URL to the tool, or
  2. Integrating the tool with the CMS software of their choice


various part of image (food) shown for automatic caption generation


Besides reducing the efforts of content creators and publishers, the tool has scope to extend its use with Digital Asset Managers (DAM) to caption the images in the DAM as well as provide the ability to search images easily through’ keywords.

How Does it Work

The tool, identifies the image, first on the basis of tags.  It pre-processes the data and tokenizes the captions. 

Part of the solution that we have built is based on algorithms, AWS containerized solution, elastic-containers, an object identification module, and API-based functionalities. 

Explore how this smart image tagging tool works

Key Takeaways

This image captioning tool will automate the task of deciphering the image to describe them in natural sentences, improving workflow and efficiency. 

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to learn continuously from past experiences and adapt to changes- making it the most suitable for generating meaningful captions eventually.

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