Drupal Migration

As Drupal emerges as the content management system of choice for many large websites, the question many enterprises deal with is this: How do we migrate to Drupal? Srijan has been helping companies handle Drupal migration for years now. We have created modules that enable migration from TYPO3 to Drupal, and from Big Medium to Drupal.

Typo 3 to Drupal

Websites that run on TYPO3 today find it challenging to ensure reliable and cost effective support for the platform. The support community available for TYPO3 is quite small and hence the resources are very costly, making continuous support prohibitively expensive.

Srijan has developed a TYPO3 Migrate Module which is based on the MIGRATE Module of Drupal. With this custom module, Srijan can ensure reliable migration of data (text, videos, audio, databases) to the new Drupal website. This makes Srijan one of the very few companies across the world to have done such migrations.

Srijan teams are adept at both Typo3 and Drupal, which ensures that:

  • Website performance is maintained, post-migration
  • Customized workflows in Drupal, to make the switch easier for Typo3 backend users

BigMedium to Drupal

With the rise of CMS like Wordpress and Drupal, BigMedium is no longer a viable CMS, and most enterprises are migrating out. Srijan teams understand BigMedium and are capable of building migration modules that ensure:

  • Straight-forward reconstruction of DB relationships
  • Built-in functionality like user-creation, publishing, image manipulation, and simple versioning

Besides this, Srijan teams have worked on several projects that involve migration to newer versions of Drupal. These projects have enabled migration of thousands of articles, images, and documents along with their meta information, enabling content consolidation and access via improved search.

Srijan approaches migrations as a key way to deliver business value. If you are looking for a team that understands your current CMS, and has the skills to seamlessly get you on to Drupal, just drop us a line below.

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