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Enterprise content management is no longer limited to a single website. Today customers interact with brands across multiple geo-specific sites, microsites, mobile apps, digital signage and other notification systems. And they expect the experience across all these channels to be dynamic, immersive, and personalized. 

Drupal has evolved as a future-ready enterprise content management system(ECMS) to help drive this transformation. As a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM, Drupal helps deliver immersive digital experiences at The Economist, Tesla Motors, Harvard University, WhiteHouse.gov, and more.

How Srijan Helps

Srijan's Drupal development services deliver targeted digital solutions for enterprises across media, travel, education, retail, insurance, and healthcare industries. We help enterprises with: 

Decoupled Drupal
  • Implement decoupled architecture for enterprise applications
  • Leverage Drupal as a powerful backend content management system that works seamlessly with the frontend technology of your choice
  • Improve speed and performance for all your online experiences
  • Expose content via APIs, for consumption across native enterprise apps, IoT applications, chatbots 
  • Run Drupal in a controlled environment as a CMS while scaling the front-end on a scalable cloud infrastructure.

Containerized Hosting
  • Get greater flexibility and control over hosting your Drupal implementation
  • Move your Drupal project to easily manageable and scalable containers
  • Avoid vendor lock-in on a single platform, and enable outage-resilient, multi-cloud hosting

Content as a Service 

Leverage dynamic content management and the freedom to reuse content across multiple channels

  • Quickly set up and push content across multiple sites
  • Robust REST API which can be consumed across channels
  • Content delivery and personalization across different channels - digital signage, apps, microsites, SMS notifications, etc.

Multi-site Architecture

Simplify and centralize content management for an array of websites with multi-site Drupal implementation

  • Single Dupal core distribution that caters to multiple distinct websites
  • Core platform features that cater 80% of the needs of each individual site
  • Customizable themes, taxonomies, permissions, and layouts, to quickly design and publish new sites, or update existing ones
Drupal Performance Audit

Identify performance issues that plague your enterprise website and applications. Srijan teams perform a thorough Drupal audit that includes an 

  • assessment of visitor experience
  • code profiling
  • performance testing
  • security testing
  • infrastructure review
  • an audit report that highlights the issues identified, coupled with technology recommendations to fix them.

We have helped enterprises like TUI, FlightCenter, and OPEN Magazine build and maintain feature-rich Drupal sites. If you are looking for an experienced team that can deliver ambitious Drupal development services, just drop us a line below and let's get the ball rolling.

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