Enterprise Digital Transformation, with Drupal

As a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM, Drupal helps deliver ambitious digital experiences. And Srijan can help you leverage Drupal's capabilities for your enterprise.
With 140+ Drupal professionals, we have delivered robust, scalable, and secure technology solutions for enterprises across industries like:
• Media • Travel • Retail • Education • Healthcare • Legal • Finance • Manufacturing
From building powerful websites, to integrating third-party applications, to creating decoupled enterprise applications, our Drupal expertise is next to none. Our teams combine this technology expertise with a keen business acumen, to deliver solutions that meet your business goals.

How We Help You

Decoupled Drupal
Decoupled Drupal 
Decoupled architecture for enterprise applications - powerful backend CMS that delivers content seamlessly across interfaces
Multisite & Migration
Establish a multisite architecture with centralized content management or migrate to Drupal 8 for richer digital experiences
containerized hosting for drupal implementations
Containerized Hosting
Move your existing Drupal implementations to easily manageable and scalable containers
Drupal Performance Audit
Performance Audit
Infrastructure, performance, security review to identify bottlenecks to scalability - get the best out of your Drupal implementations
Drupal CaaS
Content As A Service
Leverage dynamic content management and the freedom to reuse content across channels
Drupal 8 Training
Drupal 8 Training
Get your teams proficient with Drupal 8 with our 5-day hands on training programme
Drupal Staff Augmentation
Staff Augmentation
Scale-up immediately leveraging Asia's largest team of seasoned Drupalers
Custom Modules & Integrations
Build solutions which solve your business needs in the best possible manner

Success Stories

Flight Center Success Story
Drupal module built from scratch increases Flight Centre's offer inquiries by 21%. Ongoing consulting for multisite architecture and continuous development on Drupal projects.
Sealed Air Success Story
Worked on IOT sensors data visualization with decoupled Drupal, AngularJS, Higcharts.
KNR Success Story
Migrated over 60,000 news stories; and over 12000 photos from TYPO3 to Drupal with a migrate module. Implemented advanced search features using the Apache Solr search engine.
On Corps Success Story
Continuously building and evolving a scalable big data analytics platform in Drupal to enable business collaboration, within and across enterprises.
World Radio Switzerland Success Story
Drupal Migration from Big Medium for World Radio Switzerland.
Crain Success Story
Content delievery and commerce solutions for digital properties.
AV Tranz Success Story
Optimized Drupal application performance which reduced file transfer time and improved contractor productivity by over 30%.

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