Increasing User Stickiness Using Infinite Scroll for OPEN Magazine

Digital publishing solutions for Open: SEO-friendly mobile website with infinite scroll using Sarus, reduced bounce rate, increased page views


OPEN magazine is an exciting current affairs and features weekly from India. The magazine is the flagship brand of Open Media Network, the media venture of RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group.

Key Highlights 

  • Within a month of Sarus implementation, pageviews on mobile zoomed to over 718%
  • Bounce rate went down by 33%

OPEN magazine, the flagship brand of Open Media Network is the weekly current affairs and features magazine. It is available across the country, and has a vibrant design and quality visual content. The magazine has a Drupal website which was built a few years ago. So the site is not responsive, and hence did not deliver a good experience on mobile devices.


  • With a rapid increase in the number of people accessing websites on mobile devices, Open’s website also had to keep up.
  • Losing potential viewers: With no mobile site, and an old desktop site which was not responsive, Open was losing out on a lot of potential viewers.
  • Customer experience going down: Due to a non responsive website, the visitor experience was far from satisfactory. So Open needed a quick solution which would help mobile users access the content on the site easily.

The Solution

The Drupal site, which had been built by Srijan earlier, was a heavily customized one. In the interest of time and effort, it was decided by Srijan and Open that changing the existing site into a responsive design would not be a good idea. Along with the basic digital publishing solutions, Srijan suggested the implementation of their media product, Sarus. It is a continuous scroll framework which consumes RSS feeds from any Open Source CMS such as Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla or Enterprise CMS like Adobe CQ5, Interwoven, Sitecore and displays it as an infinite scroll.
As each new story or article loads up, the URL changes, so the mobile site is SEO friendly as well.
Open liked the idea. Sarus was quickly implemented and a new mobile website was developed. Since Sarus works on the concept of infinite scroll interface, it helps a user read multiple stories and articles continuously, without having to do a lot of clicking or tapping or navigational tricks.

Because of the infinite scroll nature, Sarus boosts page views in a significant way - as users move to the end of an article, they can view the next article's headline. This tends to make them read more than one article in a single session, leading to significant increase in pageviews.
Sarus pulls data from the desktop website database and shows it on the mobile site. The Open team chose to have their top seven stories to be served first to a visitor. Once the visitor scrolls through these, more stories would be served on a chronological or recency basis.


  • 718% increase in pageviews: The overall performance of Open’s site (desktop and mobile) has witnessed a massive growth in number of page views. Within a month, the overall number of viewers increased by more than 210%, while that on mobile zoomed to over 718%
  • Improved reader experience: With infinite scroll, visitors now spend more time on the website. This is reflected in the overall bounce rate, which decreased by around 33%. Mobile traffic shows a huge decrease of almost 90% in bounce rates. The average session duration also climbed up significantly.

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