Upgraded Webite Architecture and Performance for OPEN

Srijan’s hosting partner, Keen & Able re-designed Open website’s architecture to improve performance

Open is a weekly news magazine based in India.
  • The website can scale up to 1500 http hits/second, an increase of 7500% from the earlier architecture
  • Page load time is three times faster
  • Even in times of heavy load, the site will not see any timeouts

Open magazine website was unable to handle relatively moderate traffic during peak hours. Instances of the website going down were becoming frequent. And if there was an especially high-interest news that was updated, the site would crash, simply because it could not handle the traffic.

Srijan’s analysis showed that the site was being served off a single old server with configurations that were not ideal to handle high traffic. We worked out a new architecture that would ensure that the site would be able to handle far more concurrent users and that any possible cause for the website crashing was properly handled in an automatic manner.

The Solution

  • Srijan’s hosting and infrastructure partner, Keen & Able designed a new highly-available architecture for the website. Redundancy has been built in at the server, RAID, database, and virtual machine level in such a way that the regular functioning of the website is not affected.

  • Extensive tests have been run to ensure that the site performs well even in times of heavy traffic.


  • The Open website is not likely to go down even in times of high traffic or hardware failure at any point.

  • The website can handle a significantly larger number of concurrent users

  • The page load time is now three times faster than the earlier setup.

  • Ensured optimal use of all the hardware, thus delivering a better return on investment compared to having duplicate hardware being used only in the standby mode.

  • Brought down the chances of database failure and resolved data replication challenges by using various open source solutions.

  • Ensured better performance of the hardware by using Web page caching extensively and adding in plugins to enable smooth functioning for the editorial team.

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