building a big data analytics platform with AWS services

Robust, Scalable Enterprise Data Analytics Platform, with AWS Services

Leveraging Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, and Amazon Cost Explorer for optimized product development

About the Client

OnCorps offers PaaS for insight into enterprise data, to make better decisions using predictive analytics, machine learning and peer comparison. The platform analyzes user behaviour to understand decision-making processes, and presents them with suggestions to improve the odds of success.

Key Highlights

  • Goal: A scalable, reliable platforms that can seamlessly handle data gathering and computation, on a cloud infrastructure that delivers operational efficiency and cost savings.

  • Solution: Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, and Amazon Cost Explorer

  • Outcome: An optimized solution platform that’s performing with >99% reliability for several enterprise customers

The Challenge

OnCorps wanted to create a platform that can do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to data - right from gathering, to processing, to analytics and visualization. Starting from scratch, the challenge was to pick technology solutions that were just right for the platform they had in mind, in terms of robustness, availability and scalability.

Solving with AWS

While Drupal was chosen a core framework for OnCorps’ big data analytics platform, a host of AWS services were leveraged to create a complete solution. Some of the major ones are:

Amazon EC2: This offered an easily scalable and cost-effective computation solution. It gave the ability to run data analysis, compute workloads to aggregate data, as well as deliver predictive insight.

AWS Lambda: The frontend interface of the platform needed structured data to work with, preferably in JSON format. Lamba was used to transform the data coming in from various sources into a standard format.

Amazon S3: This was used to host the single page application built on AngularJS. S3 was also used as storage for all files and content assets for the platform.

AWS Cost Explorer: One of the Srijan teams primary objectives was to keep product development costs on track. AWS Cost Explorer was used to get a clear visualization of operation costs across all solutions, and optimize the budget as much as possible.

Other AWS Solutions include:

  • RDS as the database
  • SES and SNS for customer notification mails and messages
  • AWS Org for security and compliance management

The Business Benefits

  • Scalable platform, with minimal changes and modifications required even as it's rolled out to more enterprise customers
  • >99% performance reliability across enterprise customers
  • Seamless platform integration with other services


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