An online marketing platform was built for alternative health practitioners to manage their online marketing activities.

  • Members of the platform get a choice of 10 website templates to choose and customize their presence on the platform
  • Migration of existing users from ColdFusion to Drupal
  • The platform now has 88 practitioners

Srijan was approached to build an online marketing platform for a digital marketing agency. The platform would enable alternate health practitioners to manage their various online marketing activities easily. Alternate healthcare providers are not covered by insurance companies nor do they have a strong government support. So the onus of developing their practice is solely on each practitioner. This platform enables them to handle many of their online marketing efforts easily through the digital marketing agency.

When Srijan was approached, the platform existed in ColdFusion, and was managed by an external team. But whenever any changes were required to this proprietary system, it would take a long time to get them done. As this directly affected the agency client deliverables, they wanted to move to an easy to use platform which could then be supported by a company with quick turnaround times. The agency chose to have the platform built from scratch in Drupal and contracted Srijan for it.

The Solution

Srijan developed the platform that enables each of the registered members to build their own website easily with the support of the agency team. Members get a choice of 10 templates to choose from and have it customized it to their needs. With their account, each member can have newsletters sent out have offline events and webcasts set up, and get their prospective customers to sign up for the events, make payments and receive reminders. The agency supports them in these various activities.


  • The platform is now home to the marketing activities of 88 practitioners.
  • The agency finds it extremely simple to service their clients and manage the marketing activities for them.

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