Enhanced Online Lead Generation & UX for TUI India

Enhanced Online Lead Generation & UX for TUI India

Revamped TUI India website on Drupal 7 with additional features and integrations, leading to an enhanced user experience, simplified lead capturing, boost of online packages, and engagement driven website.

3 Months for initial website development
6 Sprints for architectural development
5 New integrations

TUI India is part of the TUI Group, one of the first travel companies in the world. Today, TUI Group is a multinational travel and tourism company with presence in 180 countries, and is the largest tourism group in Europe.

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  • Goal: Revamp the TUI India website and optimize its performance for a better user experience, and additional functionalities
  • Solution: A new, easy-to-use website developed in Drupal 7, integrated with Salesforce CRM, PayU, Zomato, and other APIs
  • Outcome: Enhanced user experience, and engagement-driven website, which boosted the sale of online packages and enabled better control over leads TUI website is now integrated with Salesforce CRM, PayU, Zomato, and other APIs

The Challenge

For a large travel enterprise like TUI, it is important to be at par with the international group, to deliver great customer experiences and maximize their lead capturing from the website. As a result, showcasing a good digital experience becomes a critical part of their business.

In 2012, TUI decided to optimize its tourism business in India, and some other countries outside Europe. The business ROI from the Indian market was much lower as compared to that of European countries, including Germany and France, and the website was at the center of this business optimization process. 

The TUI India website had multiple platforms for selling travel packages. But its main challenge was to boost enquiries and sales of packages online, and bring the performance level of tui.in at par with tui.com

Their project owner, having worked previously with Srijan, was convinced of Srijan’s capabilities and strong focus on lean thinking and Agile processes for development. As a result, the TUI team contacted Srijan to build them a revamped Drupal 7 website.

The Solution

The TUI team set out the following objectives from the exercise:

  • Build a new architecture
  • Enhance user experience and improve flow of images 
  • Optimize website code
  • Strengthen website functionalities
  • Integrate with Salesforce

Srijan took on the development of the new Drupal 7 website, along with its design partner, Design For Use. The initial website development took 3 months, while its architectural development was split into 6 sprints. 

Srijan team worked continuously--adhering to aggressive deadlines, discussing urgent requirements with the client, optimizing availability of project resources, prioritizing tasks, and even pushing back a feature--to make sure the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was out as per schedule. 

A new, easy-to-use website was developed with additional features like custom travel packages, new payment gateway and the custom “Buy Package” option. Another functionality that was not available previously was that of “Featured Packages”, where some packages were highlighted as per the need.

Some of the project highlights, and features added to enhance the user experience of TUIrists include:


How We Did It

The Business Benefits

The CEO of TUI India was greatly pleased with Srijan’s ability to roll out the MVP as per schedule. He praised the TUI project owner for getting the new payment gateway integrated in 15 days, and also mentioned that it was incredible work on part of Srijan. Today, tui.in provides a holistic experience for the website user and an easy backend interface for the TUI India team.

The new website provides the following benefits to the TUI India team:



Improved User Experience: The image carousel has enabled the prioritization of the HD images on the website, improving its visual appeal. The Instagram API integration also adds to the UX enhancement


Easier Sales of Online Packages: Custom packages, added functionalities, and the new website architecture have boosted the sales of online packages



Keeping TUIrists Informed: The PayU and Visa integrations help users save time and effort, while the Zomato integration helps travelers find relevant restaurants, bars and cafes around them



Better Management of Leads: Integration with Salesforce has enabled the TUI India team to track their leads and stay in touch with them



Additional Features for Website Users: The points system based on user activity, substitute packages, and the blogging feature were also included in the website, thus making it a lot more engagement-driven

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