Leveraging Intelligent Process Automation for Brand Protection

Leveraging Intelligent Process Automation for Brand Protection

Intelligent Process Automation simplifies operations - identification, cataloging and reporting of brand counterfeits - for a global brand protection services company

99.9% Less rate of errors (approx)
70% Manual efforts saved
3X Lesser time to report

The client is headquartered in Singapore and is Asia’s leading online brand protection and content monitoring company. They continuously surveys search engines, online marketplaces, app stores, and social media to identify counterfeit products, and report copyright infringements to right owners. 

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  • Automated the process of reporting brand copyright infringements
  • Transformed effort intensive activities into swift accomplishments
  • Reduction in manual effort due to reporting automation
  • Reduction in execution time with near-zero errors

The Problem

SIPI had set a team working on a variety of procedures to identify counterfeiting and brand infringements. While they had a large team to handle all their clients, their existing system was being inefficient because:

  • Resource insensitive: Manually sifting through ton of product listing to spot counterfeits was a time and effort intensive project
  • Error-prone: Manual work also meant that several incidences of brand infringement were not spotted, due to human error
  • Lack of insights: In the absence of proper reporting, it was impossible for SIPI to share any business insights with the client

The Solution

Srijan conducted various inter-departmental interactions at SIPI to study project execution processes and analyzed the feasibility of introducing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to reduce efforts and mitigate errors. The team identified several key processes that could be automated for faster turnaround, solving scalability challenges and time-critical needs. Based on this and SIPI’s business needs, here’s what Srijan delivered:

Crawler Algorithm

One of the key parts of the solution consisted of creating an algorithm for searching web pages from various search engines, online marketplaces, and social media to identify counterfeit products. Search and comparison accounts for 60% of the project execution procedures for the client. Srijan evaluated available crawling engines on the basis of the scope for configuration, customization, execution capabilities, and interactivity.

The algorithm conducted searches through diverse websites to compare properties of original product with keywords brought through permutations and combinations. The algorithm is customizable to continuously run searches in the background, and populate suspects, non-suspects for further processing.

Data Storage

Srijan automated the data transformation and storage processes for logging all information on counterfeits in a single repository. So data from dissimilar websites with varying categories, languages, currencies, and compliances were automatically transformed into uniform format for storage.


Srijan simplified the reporting format into a web-based interactive dashboard which, unlike the conventional PDF, was responsive to be viewed on different devices, and allowed users to generate custom insights.

Business Benefits

  • Reduction in manual efforts due to various process automations
  • Faster turnaround in project completion as compared to before implementing automation
  • Improved operational accuracy with near-zero rate of errors
  • Easily customizable to support additional product lines
  • Reporting in the form of web based dashboards brought in enhanced accessibility, and interactivity for the brands that the client manages.


Download the complete case study to understand the technology architecture behind this intelligent process automation.

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