Building Automated Fintech Sandbox Pipeline with Apigee API Management and Drupal

Building Automated Fintech Sandbox Pipeline with Apigee API Management and Drupal

Building a fintech ecosystem atop core banking services, with an automated pipeline for converting existing SOAP services to REST APIs, API management with Apigee, and Drupal-based developer portal.

45 WSDL files onboarded
10 Countries in which product is delivered
7 Sprints taken to build the API management platform

The client is one of the largest private sector banks in India. Recognized as among the technologically forward-thinking financial institutions, it implements state-of-the-art tech solutions to augment their operations. They have a diverse portfolio of financial products and services across corporate, retail and SME banking.

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  • Goal: Creating a fintech sandbox to expose client APIs to third-party developers 
  • Solution: Building automated pipeline for converting WSDL files to REST APIs, and onboarding to sandbox
  • Outcome: A functioning API ecosystem, enabling better adoption of client APIs with a easy-to-use developer dashboard

The Challenge

Open banking is becoming an emerging trend for the BFSIs owing to the changing customer needs, Fintech competition, as well as GDPR regulations. It provides them with the opportunity to improve, inform, and further the value of their analytics and data securely, while also driving customer engagement and increase in revenue.

To leverage these benefits, and have an edge over their competitors, Yes Bank wanted to build a fintech ecosystem atop its core banking services.

The client had a set of 45 internal SOAP services, in the form of WSDL files. They wanted to onboard this to a fintech sandbox in order to expose their APIs to third-party developers, and make it easy for them to integrate the client’s services into their products. 

But doing this involved some inherent challenges:

Each WSDL file involved a series of steps to be converted into REST APIs-

  • Understanding the service
  • Configuring it for the chosen API management platform
  • Publishing it
  • Checking hierarchy and security
  • Getting approvals

Even for an organization with a relatively simple hierarchy, the process would take an average of one week per file.

  • The SOAP to REST conversion required particular expertise in Apigee and Node.js, which the client did not possess in house
  • The client did not want to write custom code for the conversion

Another main objective was to have a developer portal to allow third-party developers to work with these APIs and access all published documentation. 

Srijan team was well-equipped for the project given their in-depth expertise with Apigee, Node.js and experience in creating developer portals, and helped the client develop a solution to meet their requirements.

The Solution

Given the the specific requirements of the project, the Srijan team proposed a solution with the following key aspects:


How We Did It

The Business Benefits

  • Less time was spent on training or hiring new specialized resources in house for the job, owing to the automated pipeline for converting and onboarding WSDL files 
  • End to end API management on the Apigee platform, thus ensuring a well-functioning API ecosystem in place
  • Enabled better adoption of client APIs with a easy-to-use developer dashboard

How We Did It

Automated Sandboxing Pipeline

An automated pipeline which would convert WSDL files into REST APIs and onboard them onto the sandbox. This enabled:

  • Automatic sandboxing of core services with mocks generated from SOAP API introspection

  • Exposure of sandboxed core banking services with OpenBanking + PSD2 compatible REST facades - covering account, customer information, payments and bank products

  • Automated onboarding cycle for new services with automatic WSDL to Open API IDL, proxy creation and API product assignment

Apigee API Management Platform

The complete API ecosystem was build on the Apigee API Management platform, to ensure easy development, management, governance and security. This included:

  • API foundations & security including origin authentication, AD registry and mTLS for various southbound services

  • Consistency across sandboxed services ensuring high integrity developer experience, engineered with an orchestration tier

  • Creation of fluent SDKs & starter kits for client applications in various languages

Drupal-based Developer Portal

To ensure easy access and usage by third-party developers, the Srijan team built a Drupal-based developer portal atop Apigee, customized to the client’s branding. Few salient features of the portal:

  • Business Process Management (BPM) workflows to ensure smooth onboarding

  • Complete API documentation with API catalogs and Swagger docs

  • Support for community and social features around API portal to enable hackathons and API product summits

Srijan is working with leading enterprises in the US, Europe and APAC regions, assisting with their API lifecycle management - creating and exposing APIs and building custom developer portals. Our teams also work closely with digital experience leaders to create a tailor-made API monetization strategy to enable enterprises to leverage the growing digital economy.

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