Component based product

20+ Websites, 1 million+ stories, 1 Drupal 8 Platform

A component-based product approach for development and deployment of 25 high-traffic media brand websites, including migration of over 1 million records spread over 8 legacy CMSs, within 18 months

About the Client

The client is a publishing conglomerate based in Detroit, Michigan. It is one of the largest privately owned business media companies with 55 leading business, trade and consumer brands in North America, Europe and Asia.

Key Highlights

  • Rapid brand rollouts

  • Engineering team’s time is freed up - the first brand was able to set up around 50 landing pages without needing any developer intervention

  • All brands share best practices across analytics, SEO (meta tags, etc.), performance (Drupal Cache, Varnish, Cloudflare), media management etc as these are part of the Core platform

It started off as yet another engagement where the client had burnt a couple of million USDs and lost over a year working with a North America based agency to help them modernize their publishing business — editorial processes, advertisement management et al.

Building a single Drupal 7 website for one of their lowest traffic brand had costed them this. And as is common in such cases, there was a doubt being casted on Drupal’s capability itself and proprietary CMSs were being considered.

Srijan and Acquia together, changed this. Acquia’s thought leadership helped clear all doubts about Drupal’s capability as the platform of choice in such large scale digital transformation projects. Srijan’s time-tested execution processes, component-based architecture approach, and the wide media-industry experience, won the mandate of the CIO organisation.


Approach : Core Build (Product Development) → Brand deployments


How features are built into the core Drupal profile and then used to launch multiple brand websites



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