The client is one of the largest e-sports companies in the world. It operates several gaming sites based on branded international and national leagues and tournaments. The client team contacted Srijan to explore how they could improve their Drupal development capabilities.


  • Completed a Drupal site audit in 6 days
  • Recommended solutions to cut back user onboarding issues by 70%
  • Conducted Drupal best practices training session with the client's in-house Drupal team

Srijan carried out a Drupal site audit project for one of Asia’s largest online gaming sites. With a site built on Drupal 7 and an in-house team of 35-40 Drupal developers, the client wanted to validate that they were doing things the right way.

The client first approached Srijan with two specific requirements:

  • An audit to check if their site, and the in-house team, were following Drupal best practices
  • Finding strategies that would speed up their Drupal development, and allow them to meet specific targets they had in mind

The client had come across Srijan at Drupal Camp, Manila. Their Drupal team had attended a session led by one of Srijan’s senior developers. This session is what convinced them of Srijan’s Drupal capabilities.

The Problems

As Srijan took up the project, the client shared the major issues that they were looking to resolve

  • User Onboarding: The client site experiences high traffic throughout the week. During the weekend, traffic would jump to three times as much as usual. This meant long site load times. More importantly, users were not able to log onto the site. The client was dealing with over 45% unsuccessful login requests.
  • Image Loading: Due to a static CDN, business users could not directly add images to the content. They had to first upload images on the FTP server and then put in the absolute paths in the CMS to get the images rendered on site. This meant longer time-to-market for updating content or publishing new content. This also caused slow page loading and consequent loss of users.

What Srijan Did

A technical team from Srijan comprising two members visited the client’s offices in Manila to begin the audit of their Drupal 7 projects. The key action items for Srijan were:

  • Talk to all the stakeholders across the different departments to understand why the project was implemented in the manner that it was
  • Audit the project against Srijan’s checklists and best practices
  • Perform automated static code analysis and manual code review of critical features

As the Srijan team got to work, the client was highly impressed with their approach.

The Srijan team completed the Drupal site audit in 6 days. During the audit, the team shared daily reports with the client, highlighting issues as well as quick solutions and workarounds. They were also holding daily discussions with the client teams to truly understand their pain points in this project. This ensured that the client was completely involved in the audit process, and the Srijan team delivered on their expectations.

Key Benefits

Based on the audit, the Srijan team recommended certain solutions for the client.

Improved User Experience with Faster Page Load Times
The Srijan team recommended that a dynamic CDN be implemented on the website. This meant that business users would not have to upload the images/media on different FTP servers. They could upload the images directly in the Drupal CMS, using the image utility feature, saving them time and effort. This also meant that users no longer had to wait for pages to load.

Faster Site Performance
The Srijan team recommended the implementation of a Redis server and demonstrated its effectiveness. This would enable caching on blocks, to ensure faster page load times for both logged in and anonymous users.

Reduced User Onboarding Issues
The Srijan team recommended a change in login strategy that would considerably reduce the number of failed logins. Implementing this would bring down user onboarding issues by approximately 70%.

Once the Drupal site audit was complete, the Srijan team had a few days left till the conclusion of the engagement. Keeping in mind the client’s requirements, they decided to add value by conducting a training session for the client’s in-house Drupal team. They shared their expertise on Drupal best practices and how to ensure faster deployment.

The client team was pleased with the way Srijan handled the entire engagement. The client’s Head of IT commented, “Srijan was professional and keen on achieving our targets during the entire engagement of our project. They provided technical insights and best practices that were aligned with my team’s expectations.”

He adds, “The team was able to start from ground zero and maneuver their way to where we are today, with minimal supervision and even working with our business teams directly without problems. They were truly agile, not just in project implementation, but also in working with us on contracts and various logistical requests. I would recommend Srijan as a reliable outsourcing partner that delivers the value we need!”

Based on Srijan’s work on the client’s Drupal audit, they are now engaged with Srijan on a website building project for one of their holdings in Japan.

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