Designing and Implementing an API Monetization Roadmap for Globe Telecom

Designing and Implementing an API Monetization Roadmap for Globe Telecom

Driving Globe's Telco 2.0 transformation, w/ a unified, federated API platform, and detailed API productization, monetization and governance roadmap.

2.0 Transformation
2 API Programs
100% Enhancement in infrastructure

Globe Telecom is a telecommunication giant in the Philippines. Part of the Singtel group, it is estimated at a market capitalization of 3.8billion USD and a subscriber base of almost 67 million.

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  • API productization, monetization and governance roadmap and execution

  • Planning a unified, federated API platform to drive the client's Telco 2.0 transformation

  • API migration from homegrown API platform to Apigee

The Project

Globe has two separate API programs - a homegrown set of APIs on Globe Labs and another on Apigee. The homegrown APIs are aimed at businesses and developers, concentrated around key telecom services like messaging, location, direct carrier billing etc.

The Apigee initiative is a more recent program, aimed at expanding the API ecosystem and effective productization and monetization of increasingly complex APIs.

Globe was seeking out partners to help create a prototype for API monetization. Srijan, in collaboration with Google, helped bring this prototype into fruition. Srijan also worked to set a roadmap for self-service monetization by different API teams within Globe.

The Goals

By the end of the engagement, Globe and Srijan wanted to achieve some key goals:

  • A unified API program, that’ll allow Globe to expand into avenues like business services, wearables, telematics, IoT and more
  • Migrate select APIs from Globe Labs to the Apigee platform
  • A well-architected API platform that enables technical teams (internal, partner, and external) to deliver successfully productize and monetize APIs in an agile manner
  • An organized API product strategy with an at-least 6-18 months outlook, that allows for better planned release cycles and innovative business models
  • Standardized infrastructure and ops for resilient architecture, platform security and cost savings
  • Empowered API teams that can work in an efficient and optimized manner, and better governance.

The Transformation Plan

Srijan teams started with understanding each aspect of Globe’s current and planned API program strategy and objectives. By evaluating the present state of each of these aspects, we arrived at the immediate or future challenges they might pose in Globe’s API program. The next step was to chart out how to mitigate those challenges, and that became the blueprint for the transformation plan. 

Here’s how:

Unifying Segmented API Initiatives

Globe Labs and the Apigee API platform were working as separate initiatives, which if continued, would dilute the effectiveness of the API program. It would lead to two different source-of-truth and cross-program governance would be complicated and inefficient. 

In order to prevent this and build a unified API platform, Srijan is working on migrating the existing APIs into Apigee, in the first phase. This would also involve industrializing the Apigee layer to showcase the range of new APIs and business models that are possible.

API Monetization

The primary objective for Globe’s API program is to ensure effective monetization for existing and new APIs. To achieve this, Srijan is working to:

  • Build an API “store” and developer/provider ecosystems and marketplaces
  • Orchestrate a host of monetization and working business models around Developers, Publishers & Consumers
  • Create high level rate plans with respect to APIs or API products
  • Setup API governance and gateway telemetry to record transactions
  • Create an API portal as the touchpoint of monetization experience - with cart/checkout and other eCommerce idioms.

Building a Federated API Platform Architecture

As the API program expands, an API platform becomes a must. Srijan is helping Globe create a federated API platform for internal and partner APIs. This is mainly to handle cross-cutting concerns like authentication, authorization, configuration management, messaging brokering etc. In the absence of a singular platform, these functions have to re-developed or internalized for each API, leading to significant duplication of time and effort and misgovernance.

Moving forward, Globe would also adopt and standardize enterprise architecture guidelines and PaaS/SaaS.

Understanding and Optimizing Runtime Ops

Srijan proposed a full audit and introspection of runtime operations and setting up baseline observability & telemetry stack, to help teams understand how things work.  Post this, the next steps are:

  •  Enhancing the infrastructure stack with container management platform, to declaratively manage scaling, resilience, etc.
  • Finding ways to progressively externalize platform features from the microservices so as to make them stateless
  • Creating document SOPs and operational processes, R&R so that this stack can be managed by Globe’s in-house or L2 support tier

Business Benefits

As different segments and phases of this planned API platform transformation get delivered, Globe will have:

  • A unified, federated API platform that can consistently productize, monetize and launch new APIs, while vastly cutting down on development time and costs
  • An organized product roadmap that lets them ideate, develop, take feedback and go-to-market, within planned timelines
  • The ability to create new revenue models that will position them as key players in the digital economy, with offering for both service providers and end-customers.


Srijan is working with leading enterprises in the US, Europe and APAC regions, assisting with their API lifecycle management with Apigee - creating and exposing APIs and building custom developer portals. We recently worked with a leading private bank in India to create an automated sandboxing pipeline to converst existing SOAP APIs to REST APIs, and enable API management with Apigee. 

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