Omnichannel Digital Price Tag Solution for Retail Stores

Omnichannel Digital Price Tag Solution for Retail Stores

Digital price tags solution for a telco's operations in 21 EMEA countries, quickly customisable to push local offers by teams, brands, and regions.

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25 Countries in which network is delivered
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A leading global telecommunications conglomerate, the client serves Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania. The telco delivers networks in 25 countries, and partner networks across 47 countries. Their enterprise division also provides telecom and IT services to corporate clients across 150 countries.

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  • Built an omni-channel CMS for digital stores, on Drupal 8

  • Created global template framework that allowed client teams to structure pricing and product information as per their regional market needs and trends

  • Created a decoupled Drupal architecture, that can be scaled and integrated with multiple systems to build a future-ready digital retail store

The Project

The client wanted to transform their retail store experience, with a specific focus on revamping their existing application for digital price tags. They were looking for centralised content and design management to deliver customizable, responsive pricing information for products across stores in various geographies.

The key objectives of the project were:

  • Create a centralized application to deliver product and pricing information through a standardized framework

  • Enable teams in different markets to customize product and pricing information across various items, stores, and regions

  • Establish a global asset library for layouts, templates, components, and content, that could be used by relevant teams

Along with these, the client also had some specific requirements with respect to the project:

  • Shift their hosting to new servers, managed for a year

  • Build the new digital price tags solution on Drupal 8, instead of Drupal 7 where it currently existed

The Solution

The existing digital price tags solution revolved around showcasing price information on the screen of the respective device on display at the store. So cell phones of specific brands or iPads had their price and specs displayed on the screen, and customers could review these as they wanted.

However, this led to certain challenges that the new solution had to solve:

  • The variety of screen sizes across devices meant that the content (price and specs) needed to be reformatted for each specific device on display, to render effectively across all screens or devices

  • Not all products available in store had a screen. For example - for items like headphones or other accessories, content could not be delivered in the same digital format as done for devices with a screen

To address these challenges, the Srijan team proposed to build a solution with two core components:

  • An omni-channel CMS for digital stores, built on Drupal 8

  • A global template framework that allowed client teams to structure pricing and product information as per their regional market needs and trends

Here’s a look at the basic solution architecture, before we get down to the brass tacks:

Digital Price Tag Solution for UK Telecom Enterprise - Architecture

An Omnichannel CMS

Srijan leveraged Drupal 8 to build an omnichannel content management system that delivers customer-centric digital store experiences. The solution adopted a decoupled Drupal architecture, with Drupal as the hub of a highly scalable solution platform.

The highlights of the decoupled Drupal 8 framework are:

  • Enable client teams to create intelligent, contextual content for each of their products, and offer the information and purchase pathways to their customers

  • Handle content assets, workflow management, access controls, multilingual capabilities and editorial collaborations

  • Push fit-to-form content out to multiple channels via the API layer

  • Integrate with the client’s other enterprise systems - CRM, ERP etc. - to pull information as and when required

A Global Template Framework

To ensure that client’s marketing teams in every market can tailor price and product information to regional demands and conditions, the Srijan team created a global template framework.

This acts as a repository of certain basic elements for client teams to build the kind of intelligent content pieces they want:

  • Layouts: Basic divisions to guide content placement across a screen

  • Components: Reusable building blocks - like text, images, videos, buttons etc that could contain specific information, and will have a standardized behaviour and function across different channels

  • Templates: A set presentation format for all the information, created by dragging and dropping different components into a layout. All templates are stored in the central framework, and regional teams can either use these existing templates for their products, or use new ones

Global Template Framework for UK Telecom Enterprise

The reusable layouts, templates and components lying in the CMS can be picked up and interfaced with the global content framework, to create custom repositories of components and templates, as per the requirements of specific markets or regions.

For example: For an iPhone being sold at a store in London, the digital price tag has a particular template with information around specs, price, and a store-specific offer. However, for am iPhone being sold at a store in Germany, the price tag may have a different template, with information on specs, the price, and a video on the phones latest features.

The templates are being customized by the regional client teams, with the right layouts and components in the Global Template Framework. And the content is being pulled from a central Drupal repository.

Other Features of the Digital Price Tags Solution

Besides the Omnichannel CMS and the Global Template Framework, the solution delivers two key features

    • Stories: A story is typically a set of templates put together to serve a specific device or set of devices. For example - the story for an iPhone could include 3 templates, putting together information on specs and price on one template, features video and warranty information on the next, and a region specific offer or discount on the last template.

    • Scheduling: Client teams can create stories and set them to launch store-wide at a specific date. Let’s say a Christmas discount on an iPhone is created, and scheduled to launch in London stores on 1st December. So customers coming in that day onwards will see the festive discount information in all stores, with no additional effort required at any of the stores.

Creating a Future-Ready Digital Store Solution

While the scope of this particular project was limited to creating a digital price tag solution, the model can be scaled to deliver a complete digital retail store experience.

The solution, based on a decoupled Drupal architecture, can be scaled and integrated with multiple systems. From serving content onto handheld screens, it can be adapted to interface to digital kiosks, in-store promotional banners, digital signage and more. The Global Template Framework can be integrated with other systems which can store and provide additional content via APIs. And the solution can be tweaked to suit the digital experience needs of any retail establishment.

Business Benefits

  • Increased market autonomy on presenting the content and offers in the style and language of their choice

  • Reusable components to be used across the channels

  • Allowing the client to utilize the same system and providing templates for the consumer facing portal

Telecom enterprises are urgently driving their digital transformation to stay relevant for their customers. Whether it's revamping in-store price tags, to analyzing and fixing customer churn, to diversifying revenue streams with telecom APIs - there's a lot to be done. And an expert technology partner is key to making this possible.

Srijan is working with global telecom enterprises to drive digital growth. Let's start the conversation and explore how we can help achieve your business goals. 

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