How We Helped Build A Sophisticated LMS For Estée Lauder To Modernize And Streamline Employee Training

14+ Brands Onboarded

In today’s fast-paced work culture, learning on the job has become second nature for employees. New recruits need proper orientation sessions before they can effectively contribute to the workplace. Organizations put a lot of effort into organizing and orchestrating employee learning programs. The objective is to ensure employees are well-equipped with company processes and the required skill sets, before being inducted into the workplace. 

An online learning management system is the best bet for large organizations to effectively deliver training and administer tests for employees. Furthermore, it allows for the brands to track the progress of their performance and subsequently determine each employee’s job readiness.

Our client, Estée Lauder, is a renowned global luxury brand. With a presence in at least 150 countries worldwide, ELC has captured markets across the globe with multiple brands under its wing. 

A conglomerate of this size, which has diverse brands operating in different locations, needed a standardized template of training modules to ensure consistency and streamlined outcomes. So, ELC required a sophisticated Learning Management System that addressed various pain points of a company of this size.


Srijan designed and delivered a robust learning management system to facilitate consistent e-learning for beauty advisors, evaluation capabilities for managers, and progress tracking of employees.


The client needed:

  • An e-learning platform that made training more convenient for all employees.
  • A centralized product data hub to learn about existing products and new launches and to provide brand knowledge to employees at every level.
  • An engaging platform for employees to share their thoughts, queries, and doubts, as well as to promote learning and growing together as a community.
  • A dynamic learning experience hub that facilitates real-time learning and eliminates the need for paperwork and traveling to different learning centers.
  • A customized learning experience application for every individual with varied learning needs.


  • There was no e-learning system in place; so, there were inconsistencies in learning and training across all brands.
  • The existing content for learning was siloed and not synchronized across the various associated brands.
  • Learning was available only through a single face-to-face channel. So, the client required different channels, both online and offline, to allow the flow of information in their LMS.
  • The training was an expensive undertaking, as the company had to conduct training at various locations led by different instructors.

The Solution

Srijan created the following unified LMS to address diverse learning needs:

  • A learning experience app to provide product training for beauty advisors across different devices, such as iPads, mobiles, and desktops, to ensure on-the-go learning.
  • Single community access to ensure consistency and continuity in training and define a clear and result-oriented growth path.
  • Digitized e-learning solutions for easier training and evaluation for field executives and eliminated the need for paperwork.
  • Easy onboarding of freelancers or contract employees to ensure that they receive the same kind of training offered to permanent employees.
  • Integration of the LMS with ELC’s existing HR database to facilitate streamlined team management, allowing for better tracking of learning, growth, and evaluation.
  • A two-step authentication process to prevent misuse of the self-registration feature on the LMS. This ensured that freelance employees required in-company permissions to access learning and training modules.
  • Personalized learning courses and customized content modules, based on user preferences for deep learning and more engaging training experiences.
  • Gamification and reward systems were put in place to incentivize employee performance.
  • An in-built ‘Community’ feature to promote employee engagement for better learning experiences. This allowed employees to have discussions, compare learning and enjoy group sharing sessions, making learning an enjoyable experience. 

Overall Approach 


The learning platforms of different brands were standardized through a common Drupal architecture to ensure consistency in learning, A set template across all brands allowed for managers to have better control over different modules.

To implement this multifaceted solution, we adhered to a decoupled architecture, which enabled computing components and layers to function independently, yet interact with each other at the same time. Subsequently, we ensured that the database was made accessible on different types of devices. Moving to the core of the LMS, our focus was on e-learning first. So, we onboarded roles, mapped the user population progressively, and also added role-specific features.

Tech Stack

  • Drupal
  • ReactJS
  • Middleware - Java
  • LRS
  • NodeJS
  • MySQL
  • Mongo DB
  • Elastic Search
  • Memory Caching

Business Benefits

  • Standardized and consistent learning solutions for ELC across 14+ brands.
  • Enabled better assessment of employee performance by giving managers more control of the evaluation in the LMS.
  • Reduced in-person travel costs.
  • Eliminated the need for physical paperwork required for training and assessment.
  • Improved engagement among beauty advisors within the LMS to facilitate enhanced learning and offer better communication.
  • Digitized e-learning completely to ensure accountability of employee training and progress.


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