Hollandse Hoogte is a full-service photo agency in Netherlands


  • Enables project stakeholders to keep track of the project, monitor status and track the history of projects
  • Brings three types of users together: 1. Broker-Owner of the account 2. Client – Customer of the broker. Entity looking for photographs 3. Photographer – One who shoots and supplies photographs for the project.

A hosted (SaaS) stock-photography project management service built for "Hollandse Hoogte" using TYPO3.

The application is meant to aid the interaction between the different stakeholders in a project life-cycle and also to help manage projects better. Process flow:

  1. A broker adds his list of photographers and customers into the application
  2. A client creates projects with descriptions and expected time-lines
  3. Based on the client's requirements and specifications, the Broker then assigns a photographer to the project
  4. The Photographer accepts the project and uploads the raw unprocessed version of the photographs for approval by the client
  5. Client approves and provides feedback
  6. Upon approval, the photographer processes the images further based on the client's feedback and uploads the final version
  7. Client approves
  8. Once the client approves the final images/photographs, the project is considered completed and is then closed

Implementation: The service has been implemented in a LAMP environment using the TYPO3 Content Management System.

Key Features of Application:

  • Automated Emails sent to stakeholders on project creation, status changes, project acceptance, image uploads, image revised version upload.
  • Extraction of EXIF data from the images.
  • Client dashboard where a client can manage information relating to various accounts created and the projects managed under each of these accounts.
  • Photographer dashboard where a photographer can manage project related information.
  • Photographer stock maintenance feature that allows sharing of photos with clients for review and download.
  • Advanced photograph view modes implemented using AJAX to provide greater level of detail and allow batch selection of photographs for approval using a "drag and drop" paradigm.
  • Automated Image processing functionality that allows photographers to maintain different versions of photographs of varying quality. Ex: 72 dpi, 300 dpi. The application automatically processes and re-sizes large format photographs to different preselected sizes and also generates thumbnails for quick browsing.
  • Photograph archive download feature that enables the download of selected photographs in “.zip” format, the zip file being generated on the fly.

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