LinHart Group is a business advisory company that helps large enterprises during the critical junctures of their leadership and business transitions.


  • Developed a WordPress website that is also auto configured for the iPad
  • High level of customization to simplify content updation process for the complex design theme chosen by the customer

Linhart Group contacted Srijan to work on their website. This was a static, pure marketing website. Srijan developed this on WordPress. 

The Solution

One of Srijan’s design partners worked directly with the LinHart team to come up with the website design. However, the design that was chosen by the customer made content updation a challenging exercise. While the backend enabled the content to be entered, the rendering of it required some HTML coding. Since the LinHart team was not geared up to handle that, Srijan figured out how the content updation process could be simplified. By using Custom Fields in WordPress, we were able to make the content updation as simple as copy-paste. The site was also auto-configured for the iPad.


  • The client got the website design of their choice as well the ability to update content easily

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