In today’s globalized economy, being geographically mobile is essential. Individuals, for personal or professional needs, tend to relocate regularly. But the actual act of relocating is a daunting task because it requires people to uproot completely from one location and move to a completely new environment. In such a scenario, in-depth knowledge and awareness of the new location and the ability to track the associated logistics at the tap of a finger can help ease the relocation experience and make mobility hassle-free.

The Client

Our client, Crown Worldwide Group, is a Hong Kong based, global logistics company founded in 1956. Crown Worldwide has been simplifying the process of living, working, and doing business from anywhere in the world through its broad portfolio of six key brands.

Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations is their brand solution that offers end-to-end relocation management services for domestic and international relocations for individuals, families, and corporations. Right from legal and procedural formalities to logistics, their services cover every aspect of relocation. Their service experience involves taking care of packing, pet relocation, short or long-term home finding, orientation, and language training. It also includes constant assistance from Move Managers, who guide the user during their move.


We designed an end-to-end interactive iOS mobile application that eases the relocation process by providing users the freedom to dynamically track timelines and find any kind of relevant information.


Our client wanted an easy, intuitive, interactive, fast, and responsive iOS mobile application that provided the:

  • Sharing of real-time status of the relocation process
  • Dynamic timeline tracking 
  • Additional end-to-end relocation services


We built an iOS mobile application with an enhanced user interface that offered:

  • Dynamic timeline for relocation tracking from relocation points, like Singapore to Hongkong or India to Australia
  • Leveraging services like home search, shipping, immigration, language training
  • Relocation document checklist with list items such as passport, visa, offer letter, pet vaccination, and so on.
  • Users can log in to their accounts to check the status of their current relocation at any given moment.
  • Viewing details of particular services like important dates, documents requested and submitted, and the next steps by clicking the respective service icons.
  • Personalized customer experience where users have the option to view or choose from multiple proposal options offered by their Move Managers.
  • Online payments for a more holistic and agile app experience. Users have the option to pay through various payment modes like debit/credit cards or digital wallets. This feature is highly scalable and additional payment options can be incorporated in the future.
  • Receive and review partner recommendations specific to needs and location. 
  • Save recommendations as ‘Favorite Partners’ reducing the time spent searching for partners.

Overall Approach

Our approach aimed at providing a decoupled application that has React Native working in the frontend for mobile development and Drupal working in the backend. Using React-Native virtual dom capabilities to update the UI in real-time, we wanted to provide a smooth and hassle-free user experience.

The following diagram illustrates the mobile application development cycle:

Case study - Success stories srijan technologies

The dynamic timeline functionality works as a React UI connected to a Drupal backend. The Drupal backend is responsible for making API calls to Crown Worldwide’s existing Java application, and obtaining the relocation data of each user. The React UI for the mobile app connects to the exposed REST endpoints at the Drupal backend to get different pieces of relocation information, like relocation data per relocation ID, services per relocation ID, etc, to display to the user. 

The Crown Worldwide backend uses two different databases to pull in the required data for a single user interface. This enables the backend operations to be seamless. Also, the use of two data pools adds an extra layer of security for client data.

Tech Stack


Business Benefits

  • Delivered an easy, intuitive, and responsive mobile interface
  • Enabled end-user to better track relocation services
  • Enabled Crown Worldwide to onboard potential users or clients onto the new portal
  • Added more business value to Crown Worldwide with the new mobile app and its dynamic timeline tracking feature
  • Simplified user buying experience by introducing an online payment option, making it easier to pay for proposals and keep a track of all transactions from the mobile app.
  • Enhanced user experience with the ‘Recommended Partners’ and ‘Favourite Partner’ features
  • Reduced app downtime by delivering double-layered security to private and corporate users

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