Jiva is an organization dedicated to self-discovery. Through its program, it aims to empower all stakeholders in the process of learning: students, parents, teachers, and administrators.


  • 27,000 students registered
  • Ranks 323 career options with scores instead of top 5 earlier
  • Shows top 10 weaknesses using Highcharts in real time based on Multiple Intelligence - Multiple Natures

Jiva Education has developed the Multiple Natures Test that identifies a person’s unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses to help him achieve his potential. This helps students and professionals find the career options they are best suited to.

Steven Rudolph, the brain behind this test wanted to develop this product further. He chose Drupal as the platform for this and identified Srijan as the partner to work on this. 

The Solution

Srijan has worked on several aspects for this product:

  • the e-commerce implementation involving cash on delivery and a payment gateway
  • the Drupal web application that takes the scores from the multiple natures test site to take a student through options for careers, paths and colleges
  • a website to market the product.

The Drupal website displays the test scores as a visual chart. A student can use the Career Finder to identify the career options that are the best fit to his nature. He can also learn about the various paths he can take to real the chosen career—this tells him about the degree and the certifications he would need for the career. Based on the Path chosen, and using filters for location, streams, certification, etc, he can search for colleges using the College Finder.


Jiva found a reliable development partner in the platform of their choice, who helped them evolve the product, not just code as per specifications.

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