TUI India is a part of the TUI Group, which is one of the first travel companies globally. The TUI Group has its presence in 180 countries and its portfolio covers the entire tourism value chain under one roof, which includes tour operators, travel agencies,  online portals, and many more.


  • Revamped the TUI India website and optimized its performance for enhanced user experience.

  • The new, easy-to-use website was developed in Drupal, integrated with multiple third-party integration tools like Salesforce CRM, PayU, Zomato, and Visa to meet the needs of the travelers

  • Enhanced user experience with an engagement-driven website, which boosted the sale of online packages and enabled better control over leads

In recent years, niche travel brands have envisioned competencies beyond just mobile-first. It is about connecting all the dots together to ensure a smooth travel experience. The strategy involves integrating the app with other service providers that travelers need for a seamless journey.


  • The client wanted to boost the ROI in the Indian market by increasing queries and boosting the sales of online travel packages.
  • Improve the performance level of and bring it on par with


  • The existing architecture was non-scalable and outdated
  • The TUI India website lacked the flexibility to add or remove the travel packages and offers as per their business timelines.

The Solution

Srijan accomplished the following objectives for the client:

  • Built a new architecture to enhance the operations, versatility, and scalability of the website. Optimized website code for enhancing security and data structure within.
  • Improved the visual appeal of the website for an engaging end-user experience using image carousel for HD images
  • Enabled the users to create custom packages, add location information, etc.,
  • Integrated third-party solutions like Salesforce, PayU, Visa, and Zomato
  • The PayU and Visa integrations helped users save time and effort in payments, while the Zomato integration helped travelers find relevant restaurants, bars, and cafes nearby. Integration with Salesforce enabled the TUI India team to effectively manage their sales & marketing funnel and track their leads.
  • A points system based on user activity, substitute packages, and the blogging feature was also included in the website, making it a lot more engagement-driven.


Overall Approach

Drupal was selected as the CMS as it allowed the client to seamlessly upload and manage packages, destinations, user reviews, and comments, and enhance content visibility by utilizing the SEO best practices to deliver content. Different AWS services were used to leverage the application's infrastructure. 

  • AWS S3 and CloudFront to deliver rich media content at blazing fast speed. 
  • AWS EC2 was utilized to build a reliable and scalable infrastructure that could be expanded on demand.
  • AWS CloudWatch was used for monitoring the application in place. 

Using these technologies not only made the solution future-ready and flexible but was also cost-effective for the client on account of its budget-friendly payment model. 

Tech Stacks

Drupal, AWS

Business Benefits

The project delivered within a stringent timeline of 3 months, provides a holistic experience for the website user and an easy backend interface for the TUI India team.

The new website added the following benefits to the TUI India team:

  • 1.8x increase in user session duration on the website
  • 100% increase in organic traffic
  • Boosted Sales of Online Packages
  • Maintained page load time below 2 seconds
  • Kept TUIrists Informed with integrations 
  • Better customer and lead management
  • Helped building customer loyalty with a point system based on user activity

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