Learning & Development forms an essential part of any business, regardless of its domain. It holds an important stake in employee performance improvement and management.

However, a majority of organizations struggle to streamline this process. In most cases, tracking, recording, and accurately attributing the credentials for a course becomes a herculean task due to a lack of automation. This results in wastage of time, money, and effort.

Our client is one of the most prestigious management consulting firms in the world. They serve as consultants to many of the world's most influential businesses and institutions. But even they require intensive training and credentials. They use Credly - an end-to-end solution to create, issue, and manage digital business and IT certifications. Thousands of organizations use it to enhance their talent’s skillset. However, their internal process varies for different types of credentials. To holistically manage all of the internal processes, they needed a centralized digital solution.


We built a centralized credential management platform that enabled easy allocation, tracking, recording, and awarding of business and IT certification credentials to employees, to enhance their skillset.


Our client needed a digital solution that: 

  • Was flexible and allowed their employees to use an in-house application to access and apply for credentials.
  • Could communicate and connect with Credly and the firm's internal data hub.


  • Teams managing various credentials were utilizing different tools, such as box notes, Jira requests, email communication, to store information.
  • Employees had to seek credential allocation via emails to different teams 
  • Each credentialing team needed different data from applicants. As a result, they had to build a number of different applications and survey forms to capture user data.
  • The long and tedious approval process led to delays in credential allocation. 
  • Lack of proper communication to inform individual applicants of their application status.

The Solution

We built a digital application to centralize the management of credentials for all of the employees. This flexible system eliminated the dependence on developers and empowered the credentialing team to act autonomously. The platform has the following features:   

  • Create and manage user credentials.
  • Fully customizable application forms using WebForm. Now, a wide range of different form types can be built directly by administrators.
  • Fully customizable application editor dashboards with defined roles allowed end-users to perform the various management activities with ease.
  • Automated real-time credential updates through Credly integration.
    Highly customizable email templates to trigger email notifications for each stage in the workflow at the credential level, as well as the global level.
  • Customizable auto email reminders with configurable email frequency like daily, weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly, monthly.

Overall Approach


As each credentialing team managed the credential application process differently, we focused on building a singular, highly inclusive platform for our client: 

  • Dynamic Webform for Application & Surveys: The Drupal WebForm module was implemented and the business team was empowered to create and manage multiple applications & survey forms without developer intervention. 
  • Tokenized Email for Custom: Each credential team needed a separate custom email notification for users. We built a token-based email template that allowed business teams to customize the email templates for various notifications.
  • Customized Workflow: A custom workflow was created to allow application state transition, based on the configuration selected by the business team. 
  • Automated Reminders: An automated reminder system was created, which was configurable at a granular level, to send reminders to applicants and surveyors to take necessary action to complete the credential application process.
  • Graph API to read Email: To keep track of all application-related communication, Outlook was integrated with our digital solution using Graph API. All incoming and outgoing emails threads were available on the application interface to business teams. Overall Approach

Tech Stack



Business Benefit

  • Enhanced team coordination and management with a smooth centralized process for managing credentials and user application-related communications. 
  • Automated updates about application status kept employees informed in real-time.
  • Eliminated manual allocation of credentials in Credly via automation
  • Drastically reduced the turn-around time with minimal possibility of errors.

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