Our client is a leading healthcare company that offers a wide variety of products across the three segments: medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare. It’s an American conglomerate with a presence in 50+ countries and having more than 130,000 employees globally.


  • Built an interactive digital platform to enable enhanced virtual try-on for immersive customer experience
  • Created digital quiz application to gather customer data to drive personalized recommendations
  • Multilingual platform to aid entry and customer engagement in new markets

AR is disrupting the consumer wellness and healthcare ecosystem and each company, catching up with the trend, is racing towards integrating AR into its product line and services. Global AR/VR healthcare industry is expected to be nearing around $US 15 Bn by 2026.


The customer wanted to increase engagement and conversions for their contact lenses. They wanted to overcome the challenges in product trial selection and create a smooth and hassle-free process for both consumers and eye care professionals.

The Challenge

The client faced low conversion rates due to,
  • Non-interactive and non-immersive user experience with products in physical stores
  • Longer time consumption in trying out various colored contact lenses
  • Lack of personalized recommendations for users

why they needed an interactive digital platform

The Solution

Srijan created an interactive digital platform that features:

  • Digital Advisor - We built a recommendation engine, which is in the form of a multilingual gamified quiz. It captures the cosmetic requirements of the users and shares recommendations on the basis of their preferences.
  • Inclusive platform- Enabling multilingual and multiregional experience for diverse customers globally
  • AR-based virtual try-on feature - to make trying out various lenses smooth and immersive
  • Buying experience - multiple tie-ups with e-commerce partners to ensure the growth in sales

Transforming the lens trial experience

Overall Approach 

Our solution revolved around creating a holistic customer experience beyond the simple lens trial feature. We ensured the users could learn more about lens care and try on different makeup looks.

The USP was the AR (augmented reality) based makeup try-on feature to amplify the consumer experience and provide high-fidelity visualization. This helped the users virtually apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, blush, and other makeup products for a full AR makeover experience in real-time.

collaboration with eCom partners

Tech Stack 

  • YouCam Makeup (VM Box)
  • React.js

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced customer engagement with virtual try-on, in-store and online
  • Increase in customer delight and return rates
  • Personalized recommendations for immersive shopping experience
  • Improvement in brand-awareness and customer loyalty
  • Ability to analyze user buying patterns by collaborating with e-commerce partners
  • Increased conversion rates by ~9%

AI Enriched data solutions

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