AskMe Fashion, a sub portal of the AskMe community, is a lifestyle platform that delivers features and inspiration to the followers of fashion trends. To make fashion a seamless experience and serious business, AskMe Fashion tries to make users an active part of its community through a series of innovative engagements


  • Custom Drupal development services with a responsive website, ensuring that the growing mobile readership gets a significant boost
  • An extensive JS+PHP application within the system helps users create unique trending styles
  • Integrated the website with AskMe Bazaar, an e-commerce platform for online shopping in India
  • Integration with social networking platforms, Shop and Boutique section, ability to run online events and contests, enabling a point system 
  • Askme Fashion team finds the Drupal backend far easier to use while uploading content

AskMe used to exist as a fashion media website under the Getit brand. As part of its makeover to the AskMe brand, the website required more engagement. AskMe wanted to build a community of fashion enthusiasts. The earlier website was built on Joomla, and had a staid design that didn't allow for large images and galleries. A fashion media website by its very definition requires the use of a lot of images. So the new design had to be more visually appealing. Also, the site’s structure did not have the capability to handle the growing traffic.

AskMe Fashion’s team decided to rebuild the website from scratch, so that they could have a robust and flexible platform that enabled scalability as well as engagement. AskMe Fashion approached Srijan to seek their inputs in solving these issues. Srijan, through its Drupal development services, demonstrated that building the website on Drupal would easily address all their needs.

Srijan developed the site on Drupal 7, and implemented a new design. The design was done by Srijan’s partner, Design for Use. The theming and development was handled by Srijan.

Srijan also recommended changes so that the best web development practices could be implemented on the website. The website is responsive, thus ensuring that the growing mobile readership gets a further boost. Here are some of the key features built in:

Community Engagement Features
With a blend of the latest fashion and technological trends, the purpose of the website was to increase traffic and engagement. The new design of the website has a trendy chic look, created strictly in accordance with the tastes of people who have an interest in fashion. New conversation features like Forums, SWAG Alert and Blogs give people a common platform to share and discuss their views on fashion.

To keep up the excitement level among the users, some smart features like Polls and Contests were created. A point system was implemented on the website to encourage user participation. The accrued points can be redeemed by users for various benefits

. Look Book allows users to create their own styles from the available products. An extensive JS+PHP application within the system helps users create unique trending styles.

Shop and Boutique
In order to let the users get in touch with the latest trends on the street, a shop section is included, which aggregates fashion accessories and clothing items for users to see and buy. A boutique section has been incorporated recently to encourage and provide a platform to local boutique owners. It provides a way to showcase unique creations.

Features on latest trends
A fashion portal’s primary purpose is to keep its readers abreast with the latest trends in the market. Sections like Explore and Trending were implemented, where all the industry news, fashion weeks, famous brands’ updates, and all the current trends in fashion are showcased to the reader. A sign-in system was implemented, which enables users to get feeds and regular updates.

Revenue Generation
Srijan integrated the website with AskMe Bazaar, an e-commerce platform for online shopping in India, and also a sister company of AskMe Fashion. The shopping section of AskMe Fashion has various products listed under multiple fashion categories, which provide information and later act as a gateway to the shopping portal.

Sharing and Notifications
One of the currentdemands of the fashion industry is the need to engage customers in a personalized way. The website ensures that content is easy to share on popular social channels. Benefits

  • The website now has features that offer flexibility, scalability and drive community engagement.
  • Since Drupal allows the creation of various content types, AskMe Fashion now gets a lot of flexibility in how content can be categorized and showcased on the website.
  • The integration of social networking platforms, online events, contests and the point system encourage user activity on the website.
  • The content management team finds the Drupal backend much easier to use while uploading content.

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