Srijan-Logos_0002_Cleartrip is a travel portal that offers travel bookings for flights, hotels, trains and buses. The company primarily functions in India and the Middle-East geography. The portal simplifies travel search as users don’t have to deal with distracting banners and pop-ups.


  • Ready-to-use templates that help team deployed offers and packages quickly
  • Ability to replicate deals across different country domains easily
  • Consistent user experience across different country domains on the portal


Cleartrip decided to build a new marketing portal to showcase the deals and offers running in different geographies.


  • Earlier, to market their deals and offers, Cleartrip would create different HTML and listing pages. It was a huge task to create separate HTML pages or list them on another page. This posed multiple challenges for the company.
  • Huge manpower needed: Creating new HTML pages for every new offer/deal needed many people to be involved. This was not an easy task to go about.
  • Mismanagement of deals/offers: The existing system of managing deals through HTML and listing pages was not efficient. There was no automation. For example, deleting an expired deal from the portal was a manual exercise and hence prone to errors leading to users having a less than satisfactory experience at the website.
  • Customer experience going down: Different people would create different HTML pages leading to inconsistent customer experience. This also made it tough to find relevant deals/offers easily.

The Solution

Cleartrip wanted a marketing portal which could offer contextual information in different geographies through country specific domains. This would give the end customers access to the information they require, and not deal with irrelevant information, such as deals/offers relevant to other countries.

The new portal runs on a content management system (CMS) that automatically generates HTML pages for the suggested deals/offers using templates already defined. Now, there are country specific domains to market the deals in the specific country. This allows the marketing team to run the same offer in different countries at the same time. Free from having to create and manage HTML pages, Cleartrip’s team can now efficiently manage the content across the websites.


  • Automation to simplify offer replication: Cleartrip can now rapidly launch multiple offers across various countries in multiple languages in a matter of minutes, which earlier used to take hours to complete. In addition to this, they are able to now make changes even faster; this has saved time for the team to be channeled for higher skilled activities.
  • Streamlined creative management: With the advanced CMS features, Cleartrip has increased control and management capabilities on all their creative assets, landing pages and various ‘offer’ centric variables.
  • Consistent user experience: The layout and theme of the offer system was customized to maintain consistency with rest of the website. This was an improvement from the static HTML pages that the marketing team used for all the offers.
  • Improved conversion funnels: This automation has helped Cleartrip to increase user interaction significantly and improve end conversions.
  • Additional security: Security was a key issue with the marketing team managing HTML versions of offer pages. The new CMS is more secure and has reduced the vulnerability to serious attacks and loss of business.
  • Flexibility: With Drupal, Cleartrip has got flexibility to design and customize offer templates from scratch as per requirements. Additional features like a custom ‘search widget’ within the offer pages, and the huge repository of regularly updated plug-ins gives Cleartrip the space to quickly extend this platform.
  • Improved control: Cleartrip now has stronger control on security policies, auditing and activity logging while allowing users to complete tasks with minimal hindrance.
  • Search engine optimization: Drupal comes with a pre-packaged SEO-friendly platform. The SEO module provides additional support to the marketing team with their overall marketing strategies.

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