Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd (MHRIL) is the leading resorts company in India. This online travel services portal is aimed at allowing corporates, members of Club Mahindra Holidays, and non-members as well, to book Flights, Hotels or Travel Packages through the portal.


  • Very complex yet user-friendly
  • AJAX interfaces for filtering Flights and Hotels results; example: sliders for filtering based on Price, Return and Departure time (you would need to search for a flight to see the demo);see screenshot
  • Complex payment authentication (Auth and Capture) between Merchant, Flight, and Customer Payment integration with HDFC Bank
  • Very smart Administration Dashboard for users to book, modify, cancel bookings, and see the payment refund status in case of cancellations

Mahindra Club Holidays, an online travel portal, wanted a CMS solution that was integrated with other functionalities like flights and hotel booking, error handling, payment gateway, and more.

Srijan, was involved in the complete lifecycle of the project - from System Design, Development in TYPO3, and Deployment on a LAMP platform. The highlight of the application is integration with Cleartrip's API (www.cleartrip.com) for Flights and Hotels Booking.

Flights and Hotels booking: The Flights and Hotels feature involved API integration from the provider and payment gateway integration to facilitate online payments for all Flights and Hotels bookings.  The application was developed to handle the numerous API calls to the Air and Hotels booking process. Each step in the interfacing process were logged in XML files and the results of each step displayed to the USER through jQuery.

Payment Gateway Integration: All Flights and hotels could be booked online. The application was integrated with HDFC Bank's payment gateway. This is a now a standard service available on Srijan's fault-tolderant hosting environment - www.scutiger.com.

Error Handling: Since the application was interfacing with two different applications viz Cleartrip's API and HDFC PG. Srijan had written clever code to track and identify Successful as well as Failed bookings and display appropriate messages accordingly. Error alerts were sent to the system administrator with the error, stage of the error as well as all the necessary files in XML format so that the tech support team could check and ascertain the reason for the error and incase of any abnormal action.

User Profile and purchase history: Srijan had developed different use cases to simplify the user-experience during the booking process. Every registered user is provided with a Booking Dashboard that allows the user to view all the bookings made, organised as - Upcoming, Completed, and Canceled. User can print Flight tickets, Hotel Vouchers, Package Vouchers, invoices as well as, request for Cancellation of any of the bookings made.

Travel Packages: Srijan has custom built the packages module aimed at easier navigation within the package at the same time making it easier for the site administrator to manage packages. The visitor could navigate through the packages by choosing the theme or the region as per his requirement. To allow the user to browse maximum packages without navigating through different pages, the package details were displayed through AJAX tabs, that allowed the user to browse through the details of the different packages from a single screen.

Banner Management: The most important aspect of any Online travel portal is promoting the various packages and offers. Srijan had custom developed the banner management application to allow the site administrator to easily place and update banners and also run limited time campaigns. Srijan had implemented default TYPO3 modules for features like Destinations, FAQs and other regular features of the website.

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