FindIt Malaysia is an online platform which offers a choice to end-users from amongst 5 million SKUs for finding local businesses. Launched in 2015, users are offered best deals and discounts on their selection based on location.  


  • Massive online marketplace capable of hosting over 5 million SKUs

  • Robust architecture designed to handle 100 million pageviews

  • Merchant-app offering end-to-end store management

  • Capable of handling over 250,000 sellers

FindIt wanted to create a massive online marketplace that would allow customers to buy products online from diverse sellers, while availing attractive deals and discounts.

Key Objectives

The FindIt team had two major requirement for their online marketplace:

  • Size: The application should be able to support an expansive marketplace with numerous merchant stores and capable of handling 250,000 sellers. This should go hand-in-hand with the showcasing of millions of SKUs on the online marketplace which could expectedly receive upto 100 million pageviews.
  • Scalability: The platform should be ready to quickly launch across different geographies and should be scalable to handle increasing number of sellers and buyers.

The Solution

The Srijan team worked with two separate Drupal installations to create: 

An Online Marketplace: This was built using the Drupal Commerce module, which allowed customers to view all products and complete their purchases by making payments via wallets and integrated payment gateways.

A Merchant Portal: A second Drupal installation, which worked independent of the marketplace, the merchant portal allowed sellers to set up their virtual stores, with everything from order placement, inventory management, sales reviews, to customer engagement.

Delivering Size, Speed, and Scalability

Srijan brought together some powerful technology solutions to ensure speed and scalability of the platform, despite its size:  

  • Akeneo PIM
  • Elastic Search
  • SLIM Framework
  • Message Queue

Business Benefits

  • Massive online marketplace capable of hosting over 5 million SKUs
  • Merchant-app offering end-to-end store management, handling over 250,000 sellers
  • Robust architecture designed to handle 100 million pageviews
  • Scalable architecture, coupled with Akeneo PIM, makes it possible to swiftly add or remove SKUs, and launch across geographies

Download the complete case study to understand the complete architecture behind this massive online marketplace built on Drupal Commerce.

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