Constantly evolving customer expectations have transformed shopping experiences over time. Retailers are trying to bring in customers to their stores with their broad product portfolio. However, the lack of immersive and engaging experiences has led to low foot traffic.

Our client is a renowned American luxury brand known for its glamorous couture, fragrances, accessories, color cosmetics, and grooming products. As part of a larger global beauty group, they engage with consumers and professional makeup artists in over 40 countries and territories across the globe, both from the store and online touchpoints.

They were looking to improve in-store experiences for their customers to keep up with the transforming business landscape. The inability to try out products virtually, for seamless experiences, became a bottleneck for enhanced engagements. Also, the lack of a streamlined mechanism to sync the products from disparate systems led to data discrepancies.


Srijan built an interactive digital platform to seamlessly integrate it with the YouCam SDK and provide accurate, real-time product information on mobile devices, thus enhancing the users’ in-store virtual try-on experiences.


The client wanted us to build a  platform that seamlessly integrates with the third-party system to showcase accurate and updated information on mobile devices. They also wanted an exceptional in-store experience for their customers, as well as expand the number of virtual trials.


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The client wanted us to address the following challenges:

  • Complete dependency on the third-party team for customizing and uploading product details in the backend (content management).
  • Non-interactive and non-immersive user experience with products in physical stores.
  • Cumbersome manual process of updating product information and eliminating data discrepancies.


We have built the following solution: 

  • Started with building the VTO platform and carrying out its integration with YouCam through an SDK.
  • Introduced Drupal as a custom, scalable backend for managing and updating product information, independent of third-party teams.
  • Enabled two-way syncing of data for faster and accurate uploading of the product information on other devices.
  • Ensured YouCam SDK synced the virtual makeup components directly from its CMS for a better AR experience.
  • Empowered beauty advisors to deliver a frictionless try-on experience to users on their iPads with the latest product information, including price and availability.

Overall Approach

We discovered that it was essential for YouCam and the CMS to be integrated well and contain similar product listings for consistent product display on Ipad.


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Here’s what we did to fix this gap:-

  • Enabled Two-way Synchronization for Data Accuracy

Ensured the smooth integration of YouCam via SDK with Drupal CMS, so that the data remains consistent before pushing it on the Ipad. 

  • Enabled Real-time Content Updates

Simplified the process of information entry to let the client team update product details in real-time through both manual and bulk uploads.

  • Enhanced Virtual Try-on Experience 

Integrated the beauty application with YouCam through an SDK to ascertain whether the virtual makeup components like product color, shade, finish are directly synced with the YouCam CMS for the client application. 

Tech Stack

  • YouCam for AR
  • Drupal 8 as CMS
  • Microsoft Azure for hosting Drupal
  • Azure API management tool 
  • LNMP (Linux/Nginx/Mysql/PHP)

Business Benefits

  • Increased number of instant try-ons led to longer and engaging in-store customer sessions.
  • Eliminated the need for testers, subsequently reduced the sample costs.
  • No-touch makeup experience led to increased sanitation and hygiene standards.
  • Enabled end-users to compare and send their looks on their email ids and make faster buying decisions.

With these business benefits, the client could smoothly transform the virtual try-on experience, making it more streamlined for its beauty advisors, and delivering a more immersive and engaging experience for their customers.

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