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Hello, Drupal 8.7! We've Been Expecting You
A quick and comprehensive guide to track what’s new in Drupal 8.7, what all to expect from Drupal 8.8 and the way to go ahead.

Drupal 8 , Planet Drupal , Drupal Update

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API, Product Management

Championing the Art of Managing API as a Product

To succeed in today’s competitive API economy, the enterprises are looking forward to recontextualizing the way APIs are treated and are managing them more like products.

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Life at Srijan, Business and Entrepreneurship

Kon'nichiwa Japan

After successfully making a mark in four continents with a team spread across 10 countries, we have forayed into another significant APAC country, Japan.

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Drupal, Planet Drupal, Decoupled, gatsbyJS

Why Decoupling Drupal with GatsbyJS is a Great Choice

Are you looking to create blazing fast websites while holding on to your favorite CMS Drupal? Read to know why decoupling Drupal with GatsbyJS is the best decoupling solution.

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5 Questions To Ask To Win Your Mobile Strategy

Enterprises experience lower conversions on mobile than that on desktop. Here’re are 6 questions you need to ask to win your mobile strategy.

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Travel, Marketing, Travel and Hospitality

One Retail Travel Outlet Turned Planning into Utility

One travel retail outlet went out to get a realistic travel budget in mind for the travellers to plan ahead and avoid any spending shocks along the way.

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Technology, API, developer portal

Embracing API-First Approach To Empower Developers

As per Forbes, API-first approach is here to stay for long. But why should organizations embrace it?

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Drupal, API, Planet Drupal, developer portal

Next Steps to Securing your Apigee Drupal 7 Developer Portal

Have you devised your strategy to secure your Drupal 7 developer portal yet? Read here to know about your action plan post-Drupal 7 end of life.

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Drupal, Planet Drupal, DrupalCamp

A Weekend at My First DrupalCamp

Drupal Association member, Tanisha Kalia revisits DrupalCamp Delhi - her first Drupal event. She shares what made this a unique experience for her.

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Solving Traffic Problem with Kubernetes [Hypothesis]

A hypothesis on how Bangalore traffic problem can be solved using Kubernetes at the core. It explores how Kubernetes can be used in day-to-day life.

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Planet Drupal, Drupal Community, DrupalCamp

#DCD19: A True Summer Delight!

DrupalCamp Delhi was a two-day conference that happened on 15-16 June at JNU Convention Centre. A quick update on what all happened.

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Drupal, Drupal 8, AR

How Beauty Brands can use Drupal to Drive Engagement with Virtual Try-on

Drupal has been steadily making inroads into the AR space, with consumer experiences in retail as one of its first points of entry.

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Drupal 8, Planet Drupal, Security, developer portal

Should You Migrate Your Developer Portal To Drupal 8?

With Apigee's end of hosting announcement for its Drupal 7 developer portals, let's dive deeper to understand why they are not secure anymore.

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Marketing, Service, Customer Experience

Customer Experience is Your Defining Micro moment. Brace Yourself

In the age of smartphones, the cameras and attention have turned to self and everything is about 'me'. Here’s how organizations can prepare themselves.

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Enterprise, Drupal, Planet Drupal, Decoupled

Demystifying the Decoupled Architecture

In life, you can't choose to go headless. However, when it comes to your web technology, you can. here's everything to know about Decoupling.

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Marketing, Customer Experience

3 Ways to Create a Niche with your Customer Experience

Customer experience effectively defines an organisation. Read on to find out how it can help your organization thrive!

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Enterprise, Decoupled Drupal, Drupal, Planet Drupal

When is it a Good Idea to Decouple Drupal and Why?

Decoupling has its advantages and disadvantages but it can't be apt for every situation. Read when is it a good bet to decouple and why?

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Drupal, seo, Planet Drupal, Multilingual

Going Global: Leverage Multilingual SEO with Drupal 8

Enterprises often find themselves in a tough spot experimenting with tools wrapped in unfamiliar languages. Drupal helps you in the quest for multilingualism while keeping your SEO intact.

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Drupal, Drupal 8, Personalization, Planet Drupal

Smart Content Personalization Modules for your Drupal 8 Website

Here's a list of smart content personalization modules in Drupal 8 to overcome the challenges when creating personalized customer experiences.

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Drupal, Planet Drupal, Drupal 8.7

Layout Builder: A DIY Tool to Design a Website with Drupal 8

Layout Builder is empowering editors to build and modify custom pages with a drag-and-drop interface. Here's deep dive into how exactly to use this module.

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Drupal, Drupal 8, Enterprise Content Management, Planet Drupal, Security

The Modern Guide to Building the Right Content Strategy with Drupal

A comprehensive guide to building the right content strategy with Drupal which will help you build and establish the right notes with your audience.

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