Why Srijan Technologies?

Why Srijan Technologies?

author By Jyoti Singh Mar 1, 2017
Why Srijan Technologies_
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The first thing that comes to my mind while looking for a new job is - “Should I join an MNC or go for a startup? How is the work environment? Am I going to fit into the new company or not?" The questions are evident but after a year of experience at Srijan Technologies, when someone asks me " Why Srijan Technologies?" I have convincing answers to the question.

Hi, I am Jyoti Singh, a Drupal Developer at Srijan Technologies. This is my first job and being a fresher I didn't have much hands-on experience with core technologies. So it was a new start for my career and learning too. I started as an intern with an adept mentor and support from the whole company. I began my journey with Drupal 8 and have already completed two projects successfully. And all credit goes to the work environment here at Srijan, which helped provided me with immense opportunities to grow.

Srjan does not follow the corporate culture and strict hierarchical structuring. And this makes it easier to approach anybody for help. It not only removes the boundaries of hesitation between the colleagues but also establishes an open and flexible work environment in the office. The top management is easily approachable and works closely with the people. I never felt any void between the team and the higher level employees in terms of communication and understanding.

Recognition of work is always embraced in the company. After working for six months, I got a wonderful opportunity to work onsite with a company in the Philippines, where I got to learn a lot of new things and values. And sitting at the client’s office and constantly being in touch with them every day, boosted my confidence and self-reliance.

Besides the environment, the values of the company bind the team and the clients together. The best thing that works for the company and the client is the reputation and the trust that is built by consistently delivering valuable work. Trust may sound vague, but it does build up when you provide the work without compromising on the quality.

In our projects, we try to maintain the standards by having proper planning and prioritising our tasks. When the team starts to work, they focus on providing the deliverable with the best quality, within the stipulated time frame which adds to a business value. In my opinion, streamlining of things before execution is the key to success of a project.

I have experienced great project leadership in my past projects. The client appreciated the team with the words - “Overall the performance of the team is awesome, along with their dedication and hard work”.

Srijan has been following Agile completely, which helps the business keep track of the workflow and resources. It helps the team get to the most convenient and easy way for distribution of work. Agile facilitates a Scrum Team where everyone is responsible for not just delivering their own designated tasks but accomplishing the whole work as a team together.This brings out a great team spirit and coordination within the whole team.

We are not just constrained to our domain but have a huge sphere of exploration and development. I have always been a keen learner and have always received new opportunities to learn and grow every day at Srijan . I always feel free to express my views and provide solutions whenever needed and it is always welcomed by the team. When we feel comfortable in our work environment and with people we work with, it gets reflected in our work as well.

So, "Do what you like, and Like what you Do”, it's always been a simple theory of life. And Srijan allows me to follow it in letter and spirit.


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