“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” -oriental proverb

I have always been passionate about art, aesthetics and all things creative. I think it runs in my blood. But due to lack of proper guidance and opportunities I have taken some disastrous career decisions in my life. This saw me changing jobs from a customer service executive, a teacher, and an admin cum bean counting accountant. Although it did amount to a whole lot of experience in my CV which includes four years of working in the Gulf, I was never content with my work and the work culture. I could never derive satisfaction and joy from my work. I was caught in a mundane, routine, artless job which was not at all gratifying or in alignment with my passion.

Then, as if by the will of God, the wheel of destiny turned in my favour. While I was on my vacation I lost my passport and was stranded here in India for a couple of months. This is when a relative of mine suggested that I try out my luck at as a designer. To which I agreed with reluctance since I was not confident if I would fit in. I am a self taught and self proclaimed designer with zero experience in professional designing. He, however, arranged for a show-and-tell meeting with the design head at . He happened to like what I had to offer and decided to give it a go for a few months initially and see how things work out.

Well, it’s been a year now that I am working with and I couldn’t be happier to have made the switch. I am greatly indebted to for assimilating me into the family and allowing me the springboard to launch myself on a new track. Giving a new dimension to my creative drive, and to make art and aesthetics my way of life and my bread earner.

I am deeply fascinated by the work culture here at where one is allowed full latitude to expand. Here, ability matters more than your credentials on paper.There is no rigid hierarchy at . This provides level playing field for each individual. And here, if one shines, his or her brilliance does not go unnoticed or obscured by the authority of the immediate superior, which usually is the case in the corporate scene worldwide.

Just as in the movie The Intern, nobody here gets a permanent desk or a cabin. We sit together, work together and often eat together. And you know what they say, “A family that eats together, stays together”. That’s what we are, a big family. Also, nobody here is knighted by the Queen and by this I mean nobody here addresses their superiors with the titles such as ‘Sir’ or ‘Maám’. Everyone calls each other by their names.

However, this does not imply that the concept of leadership is discouraged here. A leader here at is like a shepherd who keeps the team together and leads them towards greener pastures, rather than a mechanism to extract timely deliveries on tight deadlines. And since the role of leadership comes with its own perks, all of us are encouraged to step forward to take up leadership roles.

The work culture employed here at allows us the opportunity to work abroad at client sites. This would add international experience to one’s job profile which is a big boost to one's professional career in the future.

Besides, having the chance to travel to a new land is an added bonus. does not believe in binding the employees in shackles like bonded labour. Here, at one does not have to login to a biometric system or rush your way to work through the busy traffic to get to office on time. understands that employees sometime have other priorities to tend to. The only condition is timely delivery of work. Srijan also allows for the employees to work from home in-case he or she is not in a position to come to office.

Overall, provides for a very relaxed work environment for the employees to work and excel in their craft. It’s safe to say that Srijan has an out of the box approach to hiring, where talent weighs more than certifications. An open and unrestrained work environment to derive quality work and a non-hierarchy-centric structure: that’s what gives everyone an opportunity to shine at .