A training solution for the healthcare sector

A training solution for the healthcare sector

author By Nilanjana Jun 22, 2015
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In its quest to provide innovative services through its products, Srijan has developed a new product on Trrybe, a Drupal distribution platform, which enables users to find relevant videos in one place.

We were recently contacted by one of our healthcare clients who wanted a multipurpose solution for training and evaluating staff. Their existing training process was limited to sharing guidelines, along with some offline training. They now wanted a comprehensive solution, which was interactive and easy to use. They wanted a streamlined process for the induction and process training of the nurses they hired. They also wanted a tool to enable competency and audit assessment.

Srijan proposed a video-based content platform via which the client could train and monitor the progress of its staff. To allow this, we are assisting the client to make videos using H5P module. With this module, we can thus create interactive videos, question sets, drag and drop questions, multi choice questions, board games, presentations, flashcards and more, to come up with a comprehensive interactive training solution.

So, if the nurses now have to be trained in wound management, they will be shown a video with sessions on antiseptics, bandaging, healing, dressings, and other aspects of wound care. After two minutes of video, they will be given more information via a Wiki page, and also a GIF animation demonstrating the correct position of the patient’s body at each stage of wound treatment. At the end of each session, a questionnaire will pop up to evaluate the trainees, and data will be collected in our database. The same method can be used for other specializations like neonatal nursing, cardiac surgery, etc.

Flexibility is another advantage with this solution. In case the content is expired, instead of giving the nurses a handout, trainers can include direct references to digital content through the same video. This will make it easy to update the content, simplifying the cumbersome job of content managers.

This solution can also be implemented for other sectors, and made company-specific, as induction, training and evaluation are important needs in all companies.

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