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IoT Implementation and Real-Time Data Monitoring with Cloud - A Demo
A basic understand of IoT device communication and a step-wise guide to creating a simple web app to reflect data collected by IoT sensors.

IoT , Technology , demo

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Ruby On Rails, Single Sign-on, RoR

Using Ruby on Rails for Single Sign-On across Multiple Applications

This blog is about implementing the single sign-on for multiple applications using Ruby on Rails. It can be applied on other platforms as well.

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Ruby On Rails, RubyConf, RoR

Insights & Inspiration from RubyConf India, 2016

If you’ve never attended a technical conference or been to Kerala before (or even if you have), sit tight, ‘cos we're bringing you the highlights of RubyConfIndia 2016 in God’s Own Country! We...

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Ruby On Rails, Microservices, RoR

Microservice Architecture is Not for You

Microservice Architecture requires good developers, and everyone may not be comfortable doing things this way.

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