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Run your Drupal 40% cheaper
Expanding data landscape demands higher operational agility. Can Drupal-based enterprises balance growing infrastructure & unpredictable pricing models?

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Integrating Marketing Automation With Drupal Can Drive Faster Response Time To Customers

Marketing automation is an efficient content strategy that Drupal & its modules can help in realizing. Find out more about it to engage potential customers

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New Retail Landscape: Aligning Trade with Customer Experience

With new technologies transforming the way consumers interact & feel about a brand, retailers must respond by engaging them across all touchpoints with dynamic supply chain & agile operations.

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Strategy For A Successful Digital Experience

With people shifting towards devices to connect with brands, companies need to strategize well to offer a successful digital experience.

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Mobile first Approach: Tips for Developers and Designers

As a developer/themerMost of these apply to designers as well but there is no harm in suggesting or implementing these on your own.Consistency!This is one thing that must be followed. If you see...

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Solving a Mobile Design Challenge at the Designathon 2013

When we heard of the Designathon 2013, a first of its kind design event in New Delhi, many of us at Srijan were keen to participate. As the seats filled up quickly, I found myself without an entry to...

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