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IoT Implementation and Real-Time Data Monitoring with Cloud - A Demo
A basic understand of IoT device communication and a step-wise guide to creating a simple web app to reflect data collected by IoT sensors.

IoT , Technology , demo

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Experience Design

Drag-&-Drop Custom Layout Builder

A free drag-&-drop website builder that lets you create website templates and auto-generates HTML code.

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Wireframes, Experience Design, UI/UX

Wireframes: The What, Why and How

A quick guide to learn what is a wireframe and why we need wireframes and how we can create them efficiently

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Experience Design, CSS, DevTips

New css learning

Last month W3Conf was held in San Francisco. I saw the video of Lea Verou, presented in conf, who is well known CSS-Goddess form Greece. She talked about "More CSS Secrets: Another 10 things you may...

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