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Hello, Drupal 8.7! We've Been Expecting You
A quick and comprehensive guide to track what’s new in Drupal 8.7, what all to expect from Drupal 8.8 and the way to go ahead.

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Demystifying the Decoupled Architecture

In life, you can't choose to go headless. However, when it comes to your web technology, you can. here's everything to know about Decoupling.

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When is it a Good Idea to Decouple Drupal and Why?

Decoupling has its advantages and disadvantages but it can't be apt for every situation. Read when is it a good bet to decouple and why?

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Acquia Engage APAC, 2019: Unravelling Digital Customer Experiences with Srijan

Acquia Engage APAC is slated for 7 March 2019, and Srijan is proud to be a sponsor for the proceedings.

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Why Fortune 500 Companies Use Drupal

Drupal has evolved and become more than just a CMS. It’s a digital experience management system that creates content and personalized customer experiences which helps your organization connect with...

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2014 Was an Exciting Year for Us. Here's What We Did!

We added 50 people to our team, opened up new offices in Gurgaon, Goa and Bangalore, participated and organized 20 events, launched 10 projects, started our Ruby on Rails practice and much more!

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Logout@work :: says Srijanites

[please note: this is the 1st part of the 5 part series related to the office tour to Shivpuri in Uttaranchal] Well, this could have been aptly titled as Logout form world atleast for a couple of...

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