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IoT Implementation and Real-Time Data Monitoring with Cloud - A Demo
A basic understanding of IoT device communication and a step-wise guide to creating a simple web app to reflect data collected by IoT sensors.

IoT , Technology , demo

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Data Visualization, Data Science, Tableau

A Tableau Dashboard Lifecycle

Data dashboards offer single, comprehensive interface to track key KPIs. Here's a look at the steps involved in the creation of a Tableau dashboard - from requirement gathering, through development...

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Data Visualization

Anil Saini Earns the Title of Data Monarch in the Tableau Community

Anil Saini earned the distinct recognition of being a Data Monarch, the highest achievement withing the Tableau community.

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Data Visualization, Meetup

Data, Power, & Decisions: Data Visualization Meetup at Srijan

Key insights from the data visualization meetup where speakers shared case studies, methodologies, & best practices for data visualization.

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Tableau, Data Visualization, Data Science

Data Visualization: Exploring Female Life Expectancy in India

An interactive data visualization using tableau, exploring the factors that impact female life expectancy in India.

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Drupal, Highchart, Data Visualization

My HighChart Server

Highchart server is basically used for making up charts which may be a bar graph, pie chart, highstocks,maps etc.Setting up a highchart server is pretty easy, where in one needs to install the...

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HighCharts, Data Visualization, Data Science

Advantages of using Highcharts API

Know how to use Highcharts and the benefits of using Highcharts with Drupal.

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