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Run your Drupal 40% cheaper
Expanding data landscape demands higher operational agility. Can Drupal-based enterprises balance growing infrastructure & unpredictable pricing models?

Technology , Drupal , AWS , Planet Drupal

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Blockchain, AR/VR, Healthcare & Life sciences

Harnessing Technology to Accelerate Transformation in Pharma Industry

Pharma companies are running hard to keep up with the changing digital trends in the sector. Here’s how they are blending with technology to match the pace

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AR/VR, MarTech

Level Up your Beauty Brand with Augmented Reality

In the highly competitive beauty industry, it’s all about providing a new experience. Here’s why beauty brands must level up with augmented reality.

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Drupal, AR/VR

How Beauty Brands can use Drupal to Drive Engagement with Virtual Try-on

Drupal has been steadily making inroads into the AR space, with consumer experiences in retail as one of its first points of entry.

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