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IoT Implementation and Real-Time Data Monitoring with Cloud - A Demo
A basic understand of IoT device communication and a step-wise guide to creating a simple web app to reflect data collected by IoT sensors.

IoT , Technology , demo

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Drupal, PHP, Agile

Keeping It Clean: Coding Standards That Matter

Learn the key practices you need to adopt to keep your code in line with code standards, and avoid errors and dependencies

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Scrum, Agile, Workshop

First Agile and Scrum Meetup at Srijan Goa

An interactive session on understanding the Agile philosophy and how to make it work.

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Drupal, Community Contribution, Agile

Retrospective on Drupal Contributions

In the past we have been using stats from http://drupalcores.com/companies.html to check how Srijan has been performing in terms for Drupal core contributions. In the last eight months we have...

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Agile, Scrum, DevOps

Learning to be a ScrumMaster

In Scrum, everyday unfolds something new, hence identifying tasks and prioritising them is quite challenging. I am not convinced that a SM should give the updates in the same format as the team does,...

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Agile, Product Development, Software Development

Its not your product!

I have been working in the IT industry, especially in the application development, for about 6 years now and i have a been a developer too. One observation that i have made over time regarding the...

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Scrum, Agile, QA

Falling into a Scrum-bug's trap!

Time for some more "Agile" Gyan!Srijan as a company have now fully embraced Agile as THE methodology for development projects. Journey has not been smooth in any way! Spill-overs, bugs, managing...

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Agile, SRUM, Product Owner

Certified Scrum Product Owner Training by LitheSpeed/Xebia

A couple of months ago few of us had a training on CSPO and CSM with David Bulkin from LitheSpeed/Xebia. I had a chance to attend the CSPO training and to say the least it was an enriching...

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Agile, Scrum, Projct Management

What Agile is! What Agile Is Not!

There are way too many notions going around about Agile, especially for companies in early stages of adoption, such as ours.Developers and managers making the transition do not realise the intensity...

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Agile, Scrum, Project Management

Making the shift towards an agile development process

As a company Srijan is slowly, steadily making the move towards Agile development. The whole process of Agile is great, but it seems it is ideally suited for Time-and-Material kind of projects where...

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