Srijan Drives Tree Plantation Initiative at DCD19

Posted by Kimi Mahajan on Aug 9, 2019 12:19:00 AM

Sustainability, reducing environment impact & similar issues are fundamental to Srijan's values and it's only expected to see our involvement and concern for the same. For Drupal Camp Delhi 2019, Srijan partnered with Grow-Trees to drive tree plantation campaign.

DCD 2019 is the largest annual Drupal India conference attracting hundreds of web developers, designers, executives and educators who are engaged with teaching and learning Drupal.

Unlike the other times we surprised the audience with an initiative to give back to the planet and got a great response too.

The booth attendees were given a pamphlet with a scannable QR code. For every QR code scanned, the person’s details were sent to us through whatsapp and to be subscribed for our job updates. The details were then shared with Grow-Trees, who planted a tree on their behalf, reaching to a total of 59 trees.

Grow-Trees ensure regular check ups from planting different trees grows and carefully nurturing them.dcd trees


Srijan’s penchant and gratitude towards the Drupal family explains the hashtag #DrupalLove on its e-certificates to people for planting a tree.


dcd trees


As a well established Drupal company, Srijan continues to embark on the trend of collaborating with businesses dependent on an open-source ecosystem livelihood, in a constant need of communal contributions.

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Kon'nichiwa Japan

Posted by Nishtha Chatterjee on Jul 11, 2019 3:09:00 PM

After successfully making a mark in four continents with a team spread across 10 countries, we have forayed into another significant APAC country, Japan. We couldn't be more excited to share our new space and news that our team has moved in the heart of Tokyo, establishing Srijan Technologies KK.


Srijan Technologies KK is based out of Kanda district of Chiyoda ward, which is one of the central business districts of Tokyo. We are fortunate to have got a firm foothold in the Japanese market immediate upon entry. Currently, we are providing project management support to the technical services group of one of the top 10 pharma companies in the world, also ranking among the top 50 in the Fortune 500 companies.

Office get-together-srijan-japan

Bearing in mind the upcoming 2020 Olympics, the country is expected to witness the most significant breakthroughs in technological innovation. Excelling in the areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, and cybersecurity there couldn’t have been a better time to enter the Japanese market.

If we look into the significance of software industry here, it is rather astounding to note that a country which is so ahead of times in terms of robotics and machine learning, their progress in the software domain is rather obscure in its entirety.

It is considered more of a support industry instead of an independent value creation sector, unlike the west where it is part of the core business strategy. This cultural mindset also implies that it is not easy to find highly skilled software executives in Japan.

But that hasn’t deterred our spirit. 

We are hoping to create history, as we have done in our other global locations. With a little quid-pro-quo in line, we are already in talks with industry giants in the field of AI, chatbots, machine learning, deep learning, analytics and share our expertise on software especially Drupal.

Srijan is keen on interacting with both new talents as well as stalwarts from the software industry in Japan, and the best way to do this is by participating in industry-relevant events. 

The team so far has attended events based on Agile, a JETRO sponsored event - for international companies in Japan - a networking event held for Indian companies & representatives in Tokyo (Indian Embassy & JETRO organized this). and a couple of events around Drupal WCM, which provided us with the opportunity to interact with a diverse set of individuals from business, technology and operations not limited to our host country. We are keen on participating in many more such events and meetups, both as audience and sponsors.


Srijan is providing project management services to our key client in Japan, utilizing our expertise in the Agile methodology of software development, from understanding the requirements to sprint planning, to the execution of the development process. Highly complex websites are being built using various technologies, with the involvement of multiple teams from different parts of the globe, which requires us to not only be knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the project, but also a strong grasp of the Japanese language & culture, considering this has acted as an effective barrier, preventing success of many overseas companies here, as the major emphasis are on the native Japanese way of working.


Our lead resource handles project management for multiple software development projects for our key client. 

We intend to add on more resources to our Japan on-site time with various areas of expertise and expand our horizons further.

Our next goal is clearly to expand our team and move to a larger office.

srijan-office-get together-japan

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A Weekend at My First DrupalCamp

Posted by Tanisha Kalia on Jul 2, 2019 4:08:00 PM

DrupalCamp is a unique experience that you have to attend to understand” 

On the weekend of 15-16 June, I seized the opportunity to be a part of DrupalCamp, that happened in India's capital city, New Delhi. A 2-day camp, it was full of experience from keynote to engaging sessions to Drupal Trivia to a stupendous after-party.


The fun giveaways at DrupalCamp Delhi captured in an image by Anul Khadija

It wasn’t just my first DrupalCamp, but first Drupal event in general and it is quite true to acknowledge the event by the professionalism and dedication of the organizing team. There were sponsor booths, giveaways and at least three sessions going parallelly at any time of the day.

I was quite amazed to see the event standing by Drupal’s commitment towards inclusiveness with specially-abled artists from Kumawat Pahal Charitable Trust (KPCT) Foundation attending the camp. It was accurate to call the event - Drupal with a cause. As part of the Drupal Association, I understand Drupal’s commitment to all and was pleased to see it happen at the camp.


Specially-abled people from KPCT foundation impressed the audience with their paintings (with feet). Picture by Ankit Singh

Day 1 started with a prenote by Shadab Ashraf, who took everyone to the early beginning of Drupal and how everything started, followed by an inspiring keynote by Sudhanshu Mani-- the man who had an out-of-the-box idea and lead of the project of Train 18, India’s First Engineless Train -- who enlightened us with some of the biggest challenges and success, followed by plentiful interesting sessions.

The two days were a mix of fun and inspiration. It was compelling to see speakers from various backgrounds speak at the platform with a deeper insight around Drupal and on various cutting-edge technologies.

Additionally, there was a launch of Drupal India Association (DIA), aimed to build more momentum for the local chapter incorporated in India. Being a Drupal Association staff, I believe it is important to have local associations which lead to support the local communities. The DIA will be a great place to collect stories, share resources, and raise the problems that Indian Drupal community faces and together with Drupal Association we can work to better things.

Sunday morning (Day 2) started with a plethora of knowledge shared by camp’s second keynote speaker Prashant Singh, VP - Product Management PayTM, who took us for a ride to the road on lessons and learnings from where to start and what one’s approach should be. He also talked about how to build technology in a startup, followed by another jam-packed schedule, full of regular sessions and workshops.

Birds of a Feather (BOF) was organized to know various chances of challenges commonly faced by some people while contributing. I was surprised to know that infrastructure is also a challenge given the fact that Delhi has many social places.

Came the time for the most special part when Akanksha Singh and I hosted Trivia Night-- a fun-filled part quiz of the event. It was the first time I organized and hosted something like this, which I think was an absolute fun while geeking out. We grouped people into teams and asked them head-scratching questions around Drupal and other trending web technologies.


Candid snap of hosts (Akanksha and I) of Trivia Night by Suhail Lone

I was able to attend a few inspiring sessions given by various founders and co-founders, which motivated me but these three had a lasting impact -

  1. Kickstart your success story by Sarita Chauhan
  2. Serendipity as a Business Strategy by Rahul Dewan
  3. Writing content like a pro by Aditi Syal

I also loved spending in-person time at the contribution sprint where we discussed how to contribute to documentation on Kimi Mahajan did her first contribution by editing a few documentation and improving the content quality.

Contribution sprint is not just for developers, but also for the people who can contribute through non-code to Drupal. This makes us love Drupal even more, as almost anyone can get involved in contributing, making the community vibrant and full of inspirational contributions.

The act of contributing starts from getting involved and connecting with different people involved in various ways to make Drupal better. I found renewed motivation from the sheer joy of learning together and by volunteering to make the camp happen.

The energy and enthusiasm of organizers and volunteers were contagious, and it was inspiring to see them bring great ideas to make the event end on a high note.

Although I’ve been a part of DrupalCamps from quite some time, but from a distance. DrupalCamp Delhi made me realize what I missed. It was encouraging for me to see through my eyes the great work and efforts put in by the community to turn the event into a success.

Drupal community events are an interesting place to be at and I would not want to miss another. Such events give space and resource to get people together under one roof to contribute and giving high-fives in the hallway for their amazing work. I am absolutely looking forward to attending the next Drupal event.

Maybe DrupalCon Amsterdam?



Also revisit the journey at Google drive  -

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Global Leaders in Drupal Certification

Posted by Mayank Gupta on May 3, 2019 4:40:00 PM

The market where you operate is stuffed with several competitors. How then are you supposed to differentiate yourself, interest your stakeholders, and earn their trust?

By demonstrating your knowledge and team expertise in the niche field! 

And an easy way to do so is by building upon your credentials through certification programs.

The Certification and Partner Program, launched by Acquia 5 years ago, is the way to build credentials for Drupal organizations and developers. Also known as Acquia certification, the program has been a big success in the community. One major reason being that they provide a valuable data point for recruiters and a way for developers to demonstrate their knowledge and stand out.

It consists of four exams that Drupal developers and Acquia partner agencies like Srijan can benefit from - Site Builder, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Backend Specialist. If someone clears the four exams within a year, from first appearing, they earn the title of a Grandmaster.  

“Time to boast! - At the time of writing of this post, Srijan is the 2nd company with highest number of developer certifications (61) and 3 Drupal Grand Master certifications after Acquia.”

Why Acquia Certification?

Acquia Platform Certification is a premium professional Drupal certification program. It is a trusted benchmark for validating and promoting team expertise, up-skilling teams and individuals and ensuring the success of a project delivery. Further, it also helps minimize risks when hiring.

“At Srijan we encourage our developers with quarterly batches for Certification”

Digital agencies and Acquia partners can use Acquia Certification to reduce risks by validating skills of their prospective hires. The certification program ensures the developers meet all the standard bar of skills across requisite knowledge domains.

Some Acquia delivery partners are also required to certify team members to achieve Qualified Delivery Team status. This can be of significant value and help businesses get certain clients or projects.

Why agencies must encourage their employees?

Fielding a certified team differentiates you in the marketplace and helps you win business.  

With an in-house team of certified developers, organizations can keep up with the current and latest Drupal knowledge and skills. It further helps you get the most out of your investment.

Individual Drupalists use Acquia Certification to establish their competence in a competitive marketplace and stand out in the eyes of their prospective employers.

At Srijan, we encourage our developers by sponsoring their exam. And excitedly look forward to getting more developers certified and giving back to the community.

What are we aiming at?

An important part when ascending the business ladder is building the right team. This particular point becomes the crux of the situation. Often, this comes as a big hurdle as one leading person moves over a dedicated role.

While letting go off is tough, it is easier to identify and reflect on their performance by mapping to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). When you are certified, it is an official stamp on your abilities, one that any other person in the company knows of already.

This helps our team to not only polish their existing skills but prepare them for more challenging tasks and responsibilities, too.

The effectiveness of an organization depends on its ability to perform several interconnected activities simultaneously, in order to achieve its intended results and meet stakeholders’ expectations. At Srijan, not only we believe in it but we also follow it.

Having said that our different teams regularly appear for their respective niche and refine their skills. This helps us:

  1. Get more experienced people on board
  2. Gives them the confidence to implement their knowledge and skills with other technologies offering hybrid solutions

Currently, we have 28 certified professionals other than Drupal, with 29 kinds of certifications.  

Looking for a team of Drupal 8 experts to develop and improve your digital property? Reach out to us at  for best Drupal services.

Srijan is Signature Supporting Partner to the Drupal Association. With 140+ seasoned Drupalers of which 60+ are Acquia Certified, Srijan has the largest team of Drupal experts in Asia.

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Hampi - A trip to remember

Posted by Manjit Singh on Dec 31, 2018 3:10:00 PM

It was the time to unplug our mind from our desks & our work and take a break. And our recent trip to Hampi had everything we needed to have a truly fantastic time.

Hampi is situated on the banks of Tungabhadra River in the eastern part of central Karnataka. The place has numerous ruins of Hindu temples from the Vijayanagar Empire.

It was exciting as most of the people have never visited this place before. We were around 40 people from both Srijan Goa and Bangalore office. The two-day getaway was a super fun experience.

It was the end of the Monsoon season, the weather was pleasant and the lush green view made it scenic.annual-trip-to-hampi-3

The first day was about team activities which included bouldering, trekking and a visit to a temple. 

Bouldering - We were all thrilled for this particular activity. Tom & Jerry were our instructors. It takes a lot of strength and skill but it was worth it.

Check out the team efforts in the video below.


Trekking - It was a little hectic as it followed straight after the bouldering. It was a 5 km trek to a forest and through it we explored the natural and the man-made beauty of the land






Coracle boats - Coracle boating was a unique thing to experience. It was a circular shaped country boat that took us across the river. And one should never miss the sunset there.annual-trip-to-hampi-2

Then we rush to our camps. It was around 8-10 km away from the boating place. It was a very long and tiring day.


On the second day, we visited at Sri Virupaksha Shiva Temple Sanctum Sanctorum. It is the main center of pilgrimage at Hampi. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Tom and Jerry helped us hire the local guide who shared the history of the temples.

And then we rented bicycles because few temples were far away from the Virupaksha Temple. And it was the best way to explore the remaining sites like the Elephant Stable, and the Vijaya Vittala Temple. 





It was a memorable trip, soaking up the scenery and bringing the team closer together. 

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A Trip to the City of Lakes

Posted by Navneet Kaur on Dec 3, 2018 4:05:00 PM

It was time to take a break from all the tech, and a trip to Udaipur in the blink-and you-miss-it Indian autumn was the best decision ever. The week-long vacation with the entire Srijan team was a super fun experience.

Udaipur, the “City of Lakes” and home to the Rajputs is a land of fairy-tale palaces, lakes, temples, gardens, and narrow lanes rich with royalty and valour. Their reflection in the quiet waters of the Lake Pichola is an alluring sight.

The weather was pleasant and breezy, with the city getting ready to settle into winter. Our days were filled with hopping from one majestic site to the next and believe me, there’s not a dearth of breathtaking views in Udaipur.

On our first day, we went to the City Palace. Built in the heart of Udaipur, this architectural marvel also houses a museum with different collections of old weapons, Mor Chowk etc. Within the complex are the Manak (Ruby) Mahal, Chini Mahal (covered by ornamental tiles), Surya Chopar(with an ornamental sun), Moti Mahal (has mirror work), Bari Mehal (has a beautiful garden) and the Zenana Mahal (has exquisite paintings).

A Trip to the City of Lakes

Udaipur trip

Day 2 was spent taking in the rich history of Haldighati, the site of the famed battle between Rajput king Maharana Pratap and the Mughals. The site also has a memorial to Chetak, the Rajput warrior’s horse made famous in epic tales. The history of the place is shown through beautiful special effects and animatronics.

Srijan trip

Srijan trip to Udaipur

Then we went to Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara Only one temple in India of Shri Shrinathji at Nathdwara, Rajasthan. You could find your inner peace here. Once you are inside the temple, you will feel truly blessed and would like to spend more and more time inside. The main temple opens for darshan at a specified time and there will be long queues to get in. A mesmerizing town with so many heritage walks Also, shopping street has many varieties of clothes, jewelry paintings etc.   

Then we went to Eklingji mandir The temple is 1300 years old and the structure itself speaks a lot. The temple is very peaceful and all you can hear is the pandit’s reciting mantras and the bells. The architecture seems to be very ancient and beautifully carved

On the Third day, we went to Ranakpur Jain temple which is a masterpiece of architecture, There are 5 temples Situated in the village of Ranakpur. The entire building is covered with delicate lace-like carvings and geometric patterns. The domes are carved in concentric bands and the brackets connecting the base of the dome with the top are covered with figures of goddesses. Ranakpur Temple is undoubtedly a wonder.

A Trip to the City of Lakes- Udaipur

Temple in Udaipur

Our final stop was the imposing Kumbhalgarh Fort, the second largest fort in Rajasthan after Chittorgarh Fort, also known as The great wall of India. Located 80 km north of Udaipur in the wilderness, the green hills make it hard to believe that you are in the desert state. o Since no vehicles are allowed after the fort entrance gate, the only choice to explore the fort is by walking and it’s all worth it.

Greenery in Udaipur

Trip to udaipur

The trip was one of the most memorable experiences, both because of the people and the places. But for now, it’s back to the office and all things tech.

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Doing things the Srijan way

Posted by Ashish Rao on Apr 26, 2017 9:36:00 PM

It’s been four years at Srijan and I still remember my journey as an intern here. I realized what you are usually taught in MBA classes has a little to do with your work when you join an organisation. So I decided to talk about all thing that are slightly different at Srijan.

It’s never the conventional way 

When I joined Srijan, there was no HR department. It’s only later that I realized that my interviewer was from the sales team. I had dreamt of working with a big team but that was not meant to be. And for me it turned out to be a boon, because I got to experiment and learn things my way. 

People tell you that your internship is like your honeymoon period but it wasn’t in my case, and has never been for anyone who joins Srijan.  In an internship, you need to perform so that the company can retain you as a permanent associate. During my six months of internship, I never felt as if I am working as intern. What I learnt was, you need to be proactive and take up work on your own, rather than depending on someone. 

Evolving Responsibilities 

The advantage of being associated with a start-up is that you get to work on several different projects, and nothing is restricted as they don’t have siloed departments to start with. Initially, I carried out tasks like making salary slips, recruitment, appraisal, solving employee queries, handling employee insurance policies and employee engagement activities. But soon enough I was involved in designing the organizational set-up and culture. 

There was also great support from our CEO, Rahul Dewan, at each step of the process, be it appraisal, staffing, or organizational design. It's rare that the company CEO invests his time in every individual's growth, but at Srijan that’s an exception. 

What sets up apart is our flexible working environment. You are free to explore your skills and switch roles if you wish to. If someone feels they are doing good as a developer, but want to change track to sales, it’s possible. Srijan gives you the time to think about your evolving aspirations, and supports you while you switch roles.

Supporting Growth 

Our projects demand a lot of full stack developers, and we want them to be at the top of their game at all times. So we invest in providing trainings and certifications, and sponsoring them for the same, especially for QA and SM. We also make sure that people participate in the hackathons and coding sprints, to sharpen their skills. 

As we work with open source technologies, giving back to the community is a value we pride ourselves on. In our hiring process, we look for people who are willing to contribute to open source community projects. And even though we value technology skills, a person’s attitude, dedication, and willingness to learn can often outweigh their skills.

Lastly, the best thing about Srijan is that we understand our company goals and know how we can contribute towards it. We know where we want to be next year or in the next three years. That makes us an integral part of Srijan’s growth and we move forward so that we, as a team, can achieve our goals.  

Rewarding Excellence

The conventional wisdom in corporate culture is to use money as a motivator. They either give “Performer of the Month” titles or money as referral plans. 
To start with, I wondered why we weren’t following the same model?  After discussions with the senior staff at the organisation, I understood their thought behind not doing so. The simple reason was we cannot select a single performer from a team of performers. 

At Srijan, all our teams have more than one performer who exceeds expectations. To select one among them is very tough for the team heads.  So we decided to use rewards such as vouchers, or movie tickets in a referral. 

At Srijan, we constantly support our team’s growth and sponsor them for Acquia Certifications, and other learning programmes. Techies who pursue these programmes and come out with flying colours are congratulated with Raspberry pies(team favourites) and Kindles.

So it’s never choosing someone over others. It’s all about rewarding team-work, and individual drive to constantly better oneself.

If you want to become a part of our growth story, we can’t wait to welcome you at Srijan. We won’t take responsibility for your growth as we don’t believe spoon-feeding. But what we will do is constantly guide and support your growth, empowering you to achieve your goals. 

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Srijan - A must join for the technology explorer

Posted by Deepshikha Singh on Mar 30, 2017 9:41:00 PM

My journey with Srijan started on 10 Dec,2014 and since then, though with some hiccups, it has been a wonderful ride.

So, my journey started this way - I was looking for a change from my past organisation and got an offer from one of the good organisations located in Noida. It was the time to showcase my knowledge base for that company. So, I went there and tried exploring the company by speaking to a couple of people. I was satisfied with my decision of choosing that company.

Suddenly, the very next day, I received a call for an interview from one of the HRs of Srijan . Although I was not too interested, I agreed to get myself interviewed for the profile of an Automation Test engineer. My telephonic interview was scheduled for the following day at 1PM. I made myself available for the interview but to my disappointment, I didn’t receive any call for interview that day. This portrayed a negative impression about the company. I tried calling back but it was not answered. Thereafter, I got engaged with my work.

It was around 5 PM when I received a call from one of the QA persons for the interview. The person apologised to me for being late. The interview started with some basic questions with a gradual increase in the level of questions. I was comfortably answering the questions, when all of a sudden, the call got dropped off. I waited for the call but there was none. I called back again. The person who responded agreed to call back. But no call again.

Aaah! What was going on I wondered! By this time I went into more negativity about the company. I was continuously bombarded with thoughts of the company being irresponsible, least bothered etc. And I now had some strong points to not go ahead with this company.

Surprisingly, the next day, I received a call from one of the HRs. The first round of the interview was clear and they wanted to schedule my next round with the QA Lead. I replied, “Please make sure you guys call me on time.” She assured me that I would be getting the call at 3 PM.

Unlike the previous day, sharp at 3 PM, I got the call which was a turning point in my life. The interview lasted for around 1.5 hours. After my conversation with the interviewer, I became positive about the company. He gave me a strong reasons to give Srijan a try if I were selected. And finally, I received my offer letter within a week.

The point is, sometimes the good thing come late, and not in the way that you expect them to. The trick is to recognize a great opportunity when it knocks. And I am glad I got that right!

My first day at Srijan was great, getting to know the place and the people. Come Day 2, I was assigned a project where I had to single-handedly drive the test automation, gathering requirement, designing the framework, etc. But the good part was it was to be done in Selenium web driver, which was my forte. There was a time when I had to try out manual testing. I was least interested in that but managed to prove my capabilities.

Learning new things is a norm at Srijan. I got a chance to work out of the Srijan Goa office for two months and met a bunch of new people who expanded my knowledge base. Back in Delhi, got the chance to explore technologies and tools which were all Greek to me. There was Zephyr, Tarantula, PHP, Behat, Wraith, Jmeter, Loadstorm, Codeception, Galen; just to name a few. Every time I was asked to explore a new technology, I was worried if I would be able to prove myself and meet expectations. Gradually, my confidence grew and I was ready to learn any new technology.

Another highlight of my work at Srijan was attending DrupalCon Asia. To my shock and excitement, I was the only QA to be selected for the Con and it was a big deal for me. There I got the chance to meet Seta Shahi, our QA Lead, to whom I owe a large part what I have achieved at Srijan so far. She has always been just a phone call away, ready to help whenever I was stuck on a project. We talked shop for sometime and was encouraged with positivity.

After DrupalCon, I also got the chance to attend the Global Selenium Conference after a few days. And finally, I took a trip to Australia for a month, on a client project. It was like a dream come true. I have gotten so many opportunities for growth at Srijan that I could not have asked for anything better.

The best part of Srijan is its work culture. You are given the flexibility to explore the technology of your choice and do something fruitful with it, rather than imposing something. Everyone here is ready to extend a helping hand, irrespective of whether it’s a personal or professional problem.

I must say, if you have got the hunger to learn and explore new things, Srijan is the best place to be. It is one of those few organisations where your opinions are heard and valued. Moreover, there are a plenty of marvelous people who always enlighten me with their positive thoughts and deep knowledge. It’s been more than 2 years working at Srijan and believe me, each day here is a new challenge which pushes you to learn new skills and widen your horizons.

So, if you get a chance to work with Srijan, please don’t miss it. It would surely be one of the best experiences of your professional career.

May the force be with us!!

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Why Srijan Technologies?

Posted by Jyoti Singh on Mar 1, 2017 10:57:00 AM

The first thing that comes to my mind while looking for a new job is - “Should I join an MNC or go for a startup? How is the work environment? Am I going to fit into the new company or not?" The questions are evident but after a year of experience at Srijan Technologies, when someone asks me " Why Srijan Technologies?" I have convincing answers to the question.

Hi, I am Jyoti Singh, a Drupal Developer at Srijan Technologies. This is my first job and being a fresher I didn't have much hands-on experience with core technologies. So it was a new start for my career and learning too. I started as an intern with an adept mentor and support from the whole company. I began my journey with Drupal 8 and have already completed two projects successfully. And all credit goes to the work environment here at Srijan, which helped provided me with immense opportunities to grow.

Srjan does not follow the corporate culture and strict hierarchical structuring. And this makes it easier to approach anybody for help. It not only removes the boundaries of hesitation between the colleagues but also establishes an open and flexible work environment in the office. The top management is easily approachable and works closely with the people. I never felt any void between the team and the higher level employees in terms of communication and understanding.

Recognition of work is always embraced in the company. After working for six months, I got a wonderful opportunity to work onsite with a company in the Philippines, where I got to learn a lot of new things and values. And sitting at the client’s office and constantly being in touch with them every day, boosted my confidence and self-reliance.

Besides the environment, the values of the company bind the team and the clients together. The best thing that works for the company and the client is the reputation and the trust that is built by consistently delivering valuable work. Trust may sound vague, but it does build up when you provide the work without compromising on the quality.

In our projects, we try to maintain the standards by having proper planning and prioritising our tasks. When the team starts to work, they focus on providing the deliverable with the best quality, within the stipulated time frame which adds to a business value. In my opinion, streamlining of things before execution is the key to success of a project.

I have experienced great project leadership in my past projects. The client appreciated the team with the words - “Overall the performance of the team is awesome, along with their dedication and hard work”.

Srijan has been following Agile completely, which helps the business keep track of the workflow and resources. It helps the team get to the most convenient and easy way for distribution of work. Agile facilitates a Scrum Team where everyone is responsible for not just delivering their own designated tasks but accomplishing the whole work as a team together.This brings out a great team spirit and coordination within the whole team.

We are not just constrained to our domain but have a huge sphere of exploration and development. I have always been a keen learner and have always received new opportunities to learn and grow every day at Srijan . I always feel free to express my views and provide solutions whenever needed and it is always welcomed by the team. When we feel comfortable in our work environment and with people we work with, it gets reflected in our work as well.

So, "Do what you like, and Like what you Do”, it's always been a simple theory of life. And Srijan allows me to follow it in letter and spirit.

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The values I learnt at Srijan

Posted by Sparshi Dhiman on Feb 24, 2017 11:03:00 AM

Srijan, I believe, has always stood by its true meaning: 'creativity'.

Being a part of the family since the past 18 months, I have seen Srijan empowering its employees to always explore new horizons and learn great organisational values. I joined the organisation as a Quality Analyst with a decent set of skills. But who knew that there would be a plethora of opportunities in front of me, allowing me to discover all my talents.

It all started with the induction program with our CEO. I still remember his words when he said, and I paraphrase, “ Why do people say that they try to maintain work and life balance? Instead people should do their work so passionately so that it becomes their lives.” And he's one of the true living examples of that philosophy.

During my journey at , I've always been given complete liberty to express my views either about current process or any new ideas. We are not only encouraged to work upon the area of our interests, but also challenged to explore something new, as 'keep moving' is the real essence of agile.

It’s said that talent sometimes gathers dust, if not polished and carved out at the right time and with the right vision. Hence mentoring plays a vital role here. I am glad to be guided by some of the best agile leaders here, who not only strive to imbibe core concepts but also encourage us to maintain the momentum of learning.

In fact at , the old adage 'knowledge is power' has transformed to 'sharing is power'. When employees openly share their knowledge, the entire organization becomes more powerful. Learning under the right mentor-ship bagged me an opportunity to represent our agile work culture at a client site in Philippines. Our team was excited and had performed really well, and hence we were praised by the client numerous times on our technical capabilities.

But during our farewell lunch with the client team, they spoke about the organisational values and agile culture which team possessed. That is what they were seeking in a technology partner. He said, 'Hard skills can be found but value and culture is rare'. And that is when I realized that the organisational 'values' are what builds trust within any professional relationship and becomes the stepping stone for any mutually cordial relationship.

Another organisational value that Srijan holds dear is the social responsibility to give back to our society and community which has given us so much. Srijan fosters the culture of participation in meetups and forums. We are not only motivated to volunteer for community contributions, but are also guided throughout whenever and where-ever needed. It is always ensured that the everyone's notions are listened to and taken into account at all times. And I feel active involvement in talks, sharing the ideas, listening and imbibing others' opinions are the small steps to achieve quality at work.

I feel lucky to be surrounded by great people and leaders who believe in motivating others to lead as well.

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