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Sriram Sitaraman is among speakers at Nasscom Annual Technology Conference 2018

Posted by Kimi Mahajan on Sep 24, 2018 11:46:00 AM

Technology has seen transformations since the late 1600s, which started with mechanical powered steam engines followed by assembly line transformation brought in by Henry Ford and Edison and then came the world of microprocessors. Now we are in Technology 4.0, the most profound one, and Nasscom’s 5th Annual Technology Conference (NATC 2018) is all about it. NATC 2018 is being held in Gurugram on 26-27th September.

The conference will focus on progressive topics including Cyber Physical systems, IoT, and all forms of computing including Cloud, Fog, Edge, Mist and Cognitive Computing. Every year, NATC brings together speakers from all over the country to share their knowledge and experiences amongst the upcoming talent that are looking forward to the transformation in them and for their organizations.

Sriram Sitaraman, Practice Head - Analytics and Data Science at Srijan, has been invited to speak at NATC 2018. Sriram will share his extensive experience on advanced NLG and how it is gaining traction and relatively more adoption in recent years. Advanced NLG holds the maximum business value as it produces meaningful interpretation of structured and unstructured data and distinguishes its most important and interesting part.

The most well-known subsets of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate repetitive tasks by giving the ability to the systems to learn and improve work processes, and natural language processing (NLP) to enable machines to understand humans’ way of writing or talking. A lesser-known subset is Natural Language Generation (NLG). Ever wondered how a virtual assistant responds when asked a question? Answer to it is NLG. It’s a process that can generate natural language text and speech from predefined data.

Through this session, Sriram  plans to demystify NLG by putting it in context of NLP, Computational Linguistics and the basic semantic architecture. He will explain a few use cases across contextual narratives, summaries and long text generation to help you dive deeper into implementing Artificial Neural Network for NLG. The high level topics he would cover in his session are:

  • Advanced NLG: Deriving facts from data to interpret what is most important and interesting
  • Template Driven NLG: Fitting data into existing templates
  • Basic NLG: Transforming data to text



Speaker: Sriram Sitaraman

Schedule: 12:00pm, 27th Sep 2018

Session Abstract: Click here

Registrations: NATC website

Other speakers at the conference include Cynthia Stoddard, Global CIO at Adobe, Deep Kalra, founder and CEO of MakeMyTrip and Shailesh Kumar, Chief Data Scientist at Reliance Jio, to name a few.

About Sriram Sitaraman

Sriram has over 20 years of experience in designing and delivering innovative business solutions. He leverages his expertise in machine learning, statistical modelling, and business intelligence to enable digital transformation in industries as diverse as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, banking and more. Sriram is Practice Head for Analytics and Data Science at Srijan Technologies. He is currently working on a couple of projects for Fortune 500 companies where he is playing an instrumental role in AI & ML adoption on a large scale.

About Nasscom

The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) is a non-profit trade association of Indian Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing industry. NASSCOM has over 1500 IT services companies as members, of which over 250 are companies from the United States, UK, EU, Japan and China and are in the business of software development, software services, software products, IT-enabled services and e-commerce. The NATC is a conference for technologists and technocrats and agenda of organizing it is to facilitate a common platform for top decision makers to discuss the current trends and encourage innovations.

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Srijan sponsors Industry Day 2018

Posted by Kimi Mahajan on Sep 21, 2018 11:53:00 AM

Industry Day 2018 is all geared up to host 1000+ technology enthusiasts to strengthen Industry-Academia collaborations. Scheduled to be hosted on September 22nd at IIT Delhi, the event will witness gust of future-transforming ideas from one of the brightest researchers showcasing the cutting-edge technology innovations. Srijan is ecstatic to be the Silver sponsor of Industry Day 2018!

 Srijan is committed to support technology innovations and contribute to the growth of the community. The company has been an active contributor by organizing and sponsoring various meetups, camps, and conferences around the globe. Some of these events are various DrupalCons, DrupalCamps, and numerous meet-ups, and conferences around opensource technologies such as Java Script, Python, Php, etc.

 A believer in the power of innovation, Srijan has always been keen encouraging young innovators to empower cutting-edge technologies in the areas of WCM, Chatbots, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI.

Organized by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi), Industry Day is a platform to accelerate innovation in Science & Technology and will be witnessing young talent from the prestigious institute showcasing their future ready ideas. The event will revolve around topics like healthcare for all, Smart manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain technologies, Sustainable habitat and Strengthening the Startup Ecosystem. The event will start with an inaugural speech by R.C. Bhargava, Chairman Maruti Suzuki India and will eventually witness thematic discussions by the committee.

Industry Day 2018 also has an interesting lineup of speakers who will share their knowledge with like-minded audience keen to scale up their skills. IIT Delhi is one of the top academic institutes globally, with a rich history of producing leaders. The organization has been actively partnering with industries to contribute advanced solutions to techno-social and techno-commercial issues in various fields.

Learn more about the IIT Delhi Industry Day, 2018.

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Srijan sponsors ReactFoo 2018

Posted by Nilanjana on Aug 17, 2018 12:00:00 PM

ReactFoo 2018 is around the corner and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it!


This time ReactFoo is taking place in Delhi, and we are happy to announce that we are sponsoring the community event yet again.

Srijan is a Bronze Sponsor for ReactFoo 2018

A shout-out to all frontend engineers and architects, and cross-platform mobile developers to meet and discuss varied aspects of ReactJS with the brightest minds from all across the region. We are looking forward to meeting more than 40 highly experienced and passionate frontend engineers on 18th August, 2018 at the India International Center, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi.

Just like other ReactJS events, this too will have an exciting lineup of speakers sharing their knowledge on various sessions for the beginners, intermediates, as well as for veterans.

Get a chance to level up your skill and network with peers. It’s an interesting opportunity for all the geeky minds from different backgrounds to meet, engage and contribute by gaining insights from practical implementation of case studies.

So what are you waiting for?

Register now to attend interesting sessions and make the best out of this fantastic opportunity to learn, network and contribute.

Check out the website here

Meanwhile, if you are exploring job opportunities in the React space, then check out our current open positions.

We are also looking for people who are experts in JavaScript Development and in ReactJS .

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Srijan is a Silver Sponsor for Drupal Europe 2018

Posted by Nilanjana on Aug 13, 2018 2:27:00 PM

The biggest European Drupal event is here! And as always, we are excited to be a part of it and connect with the community. We are pleased to announce that Srijan is a Silver Sponsor for Drupal Europe, 2018

About Drupal Europe

Drupal Europe is both a technology conference and a family reunion for the Drupal community. It brings together 1600+ attendees with shared interests in great digital experiences and solving challenges together.

The conference puts an emphasis on contribution to the Drupal community with opportunities throughout the week. This year, Drupal Europe is being held in Darmstadt, Germany from 10th-14th September, 2018.

Srijanites at Drupal Europe

We are proud to share that Surabhi Gokte, a Srijanite, is a volunteer and among the core organizers of Drupal Europe. And Mahesh Saini is one of the mentors at for the Contribution Days. He's been actively contributing to Drupal over the last few months, and will now be helping new Drupalers start their open-source journeys.

Srijanites are also presenting an interesting session at the event, outlining our work with a large publishing conglomerate.

It takes a village to transform the digital platform of a large publishing conglomerate | Ishan Mahajan and Ashutosh Singh

Ishan and Ashutosh will be presenting the digital transformation story of CRAIN Communications, with Drupal at the center of this journey. They will showcase how a custom Drupal 8 distribution, deployed on a multi-site setup, is helping brands like AdAge and Automotive News launch new products as well as redesign their existing digital platforms.

Decoupled Drupal and a Global Learning Platform | Ishan Mahajan

Ishan will share the decoupled, progressive, responsive & native interfaces of a learning experience platform built for a prestige beauty brand. He will also talk about a modular roadmap for integrating concepts like AI-based micro-learning, chatbots, AR/VR, live straen and machine learning.

Besides this, our team of technology experts will also be at the event, lead by Rajat Lal, Business Head at Srijan. They will be showcasing some of the cutting edge projects and PoCs that Srijan is currently involved in:

  • Digital price tag solution built with omnichannel CMS and dynamic templating, across 21 EMEA countries
  • Component-based multi-brand Drupal 8 distribution for a media giant
  • Digital Learning Ecosystems with integrated chatbot, AR, VR solutions for a global beauty and cosmetics brand
  • Enterprise chatbots integrated with backend apps - JIRA, Tableau, IoT, LMS and more

So if you are attending Drupal Europe, make sure to drop by the Srijan booth. We would be delighted to understand how your enterprise uses Drupal, and identify new possibilities for collaboration.


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Srijan is a Gold Sponsor for Decoupled Drupal Days 2018

Posted by Nilanjana on Aug 9, 2018 2:42:00 PM

At Srijan, we've always believed in giving back to the Drupal community. We continuously encourage our team to contribute code, modules, sponsor events and participate in meetups and forums across the world. This year has brought us yet another opportunity to sponsor a Drupal community event and we couldn’t be more excited!

We are proud to announce that Srijan is a Gold Sponsor for Decoupled Drupal Days, 2018.

About Decoupled Drupal Days

Decoupled Drupal Days (D3) gathers technologists, marketers and content professionals who build and use Drupal as a Content Service for other non-Drupal applications, decoupled front ends, content APIs, IoT devices, and more. It is a conference organised to bring together the people involved in implementing decoupled Drupal architecture - the site architects, developers and the business people.

After a successful debut in 2017, D3 is hosting its upcoming event in New York City, from 17th-19th August, 2018.

Srijanites at Decoupled Drupal Days

The event this year has four, very interesting sessions by Srijanites:

Introducing Bots as Human | Trilok Nagvenkar

17 August 2018 | Room: Therefore Interactive Room

Trilok will showcase his idea to demo AWS Lex interface along with the basic GUI,  that is responsible for answering the question over the web interface of the visitor on the fly. This can help minimize the overhead of the user for frequently navigating to various links, evolve the conversational interface to give more user-interest driven content.

Decoupling Drupal? Let’s Make an Educated Decision About the Best Approach | Yogendra Prasad + Surbhi Sriwal

18 August 2018 | Room: Therefore Interactive Room

Yogendra and Surbhi will be walking you through the various options - Coupled Drupal, Progressively Decoupled Drupal and Fully Decoupled Drupal, and talk about the essentials to keep in mind while deciding which is best for your project. This will enable one to make a best-fit decision, and give teams the ability to get used to architectural robustness provided by each approach.

Marrying Decoupled Drupal and a Global Learning Experience Platform | Danielle Maurici-Arnone (ELC) + Shashank Merothiya

17 August 2018 | Room: Aten Design Group Lecture Hall

Shashank, along with Danielle Arnon (Executive Director & Strategic Business Partner at ELC), will be sharing the decoupled, progressive, responsive & native interfaces of a Learning Experience platform.. They will also showcase a modular roadmap where concepts like AI-based micro-learning, Chatbots, AR/VR, Live Stream and Machine Learning Chatbots are being integrated.

New recipe of Decoupling : Drupal 8, Symfony and Slim Framework | Jyoti Singh

17 August 2018 | Room: Therefore Interactive Room

Jyoti will share her latest project experience that used a decoupled and dis-joint architecture solution, based on a three-tier architecture approach. The back-office operations, logical decisions, and frontend presentation layers were completely separate giving developers greater flexibility to innovate, and help site owners future-proof their builds by allowing them to refresh the design without re-implementing the whole CMS.

Also, apart from the session speakers, some of our team of technology and business consultants will also be at the event. So if you are around, we would love to meet you and discuss all things Drupal.

Book a Meeting

P.S. If you haven't booked your tickets yet, register for Decoupled Drupal Days right away, and use the code summerofdecoupled, for some cool benefits.

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DrupalCamp London: An experience to remember

Posted by surbhi.s on May 11, 2018 4:31:00 PM

I am really thrilled!

Yes, that's how I am going to start this, as this is the very first feeling I get when I think of being at DrupalCamp London.

Storm Emma had just made landfall, and it was snowing when the Srijan team reached London.

Drupal Camp London snowfall

As we reached the venue, I was not expecting many people but. But the excited crowd at the camp was a good pick-me-up in the cold weather.

Drupal Camp London Meeting

Drupal Camp London Meeting area

I was presenting two sessions:

During the session, the audience looked very interested and engaged. As soon as it ended, there was a barrage of questions that kept going even after the session got over. People were tweeting about the session and it was really a nice feeling to see even the unknown people tweeting about the adventure they had during the session.

Drupal Camp London Q&A

Drupal Camp London Srijan Team 1

Drupal Camp London Srijan Team 2

After the session, the Srijan team got a few pleasant surprises.

David, who operates as a TA in one of the global enterprises, came to meet us. It was good to see that he was able to recall Srijan and said that we were presenting an excellent image of Srijan with our expertise of Drupal.

I also got an opportunity to meet another of our clients, a DevOps manager at a Fortune 500 enterprise. It was wonderful to know that he was able to recall names of my colleagues back in India.

We also managed to meet several folks from peer Drupal companies, and it was exciting to exchange stories around large scale Drupal implementations.

This was such a wonderful and exciting experience. Thank you Srijan for giving me this opportunity and I am really glad that I was able to extract most out of it.

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Being Gold Sponsors for DrupalCamp Manila

Posted by Nilanjana on Apr 27, 2018 3:41:00 PM

So it looks like April 28th is going to be an exciting day at Srijan because our teams will participating in two simultaneous DrupalCamps, in Mumbai and Manila.

We are proud to say that we are on the Organizing Committee for DrupalCamp Manila, alongside Drupal Philipinas, iAcademy, Coding Girls Manila, and Tech Ops. We are also one of the Gold Sponsors for the event, and we couldn’t be more excited.

That said, Srijanites will be presenting 2 sessions at DrupalCamp Manila:

1. Let's be honest, Estimation is Guessing - by Gaurav Singh 

2. How to Manage Config of Your site Using Configuration Synchronization in Drupal 8 - by Sanjeev Kumar


The events promises to be an exciting gathering of Drupalers from across Philippines. So, see you there!

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Getting ready for DrupalCamp Mumbai

Posted by Nilanjana on Apr 23, 2018 1:11:00 PM

Coming right at the heels of a fantastic DrupalCon Nashville, is DrupalCamp Mumbai 2018.

Set for 28-29th april at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, the camp has been has been a staple on the community events roster for quite a few years now. It’s always been a well-attended event with Drupalers from across India, and quite a few from outside, joining the proceedings.

And as always, we are proud to say that we are Gold Sponsors from DrupalCamp Mumbai.

This year, Srijanites will be presenting session and a workshop at the event:

Making Web Accessible to Everyone with Accessibility Testing - Sparshi Dhiman

A look at Render API in Drupal 8, how it’s better than Drupal 7, and how it uses page holders an pipelines to improve page performance. The session will also talk about how Bigpipe is integrated with Drupal and how to use Render API to render custom content. Here's more about the session. 

Full Day Drupal Workshop - Shreyal Mandot 

Shreyal will be volunteering at the full day Drupal workshop at the camp, helping new Drupalers get a hang of how to do things the Drupal way, understanding and implementing Drupal basics, and a taste of the open-source community.
Besides the sessions, the Srijan team is excited to see you at our booth, take part in all the fun stuff, and win some cool Drupal swag. See you at the event!

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DrupalCon Nashville 2018: Taking Drupal to the next level

Posted by Gaurav Mishra on Apr 18, 2018 12:40:00 PM

DrupalCons have always been about growth: how to grow Drupal so it can empower more businesses, and how to grow the community. And 2018’s first DrupalCon at Nashville was no different.

As per tradition, the DriesNote was the highlight of the event, showcasing where we are headed with Drupal, what we wish to achieve, and how we plan to get there. 

A few aspects that stood out for me:

The sheer growth of Drupal 8 over the past few years

Releasing in November 2015, Drupal 8 was a whole new beast. It was focussed at enterprises, it brought in ease-of-use, put together some really powerful features, and aimed for “ambitious digital experience”. Between then and now, with several new versions, Drupal 8 has delivered on that promise and how. Dries’ keynote pointed that currently Drupal 8 drives 240,000 websites, and has a 81% year-on-year growth in stable projects.

Improving Drupal for the consumers

A large part of the DriesNote focussed on how to improve the Drupal experience for the end users. 

The push towards enhancing the content creator experience comes as a welcome move. As someone who regularly interacts with Drupal end-users, a simplified content creating process would go a long way in increasing Drupal’s adoption rates among businesses.

Another key initiative was the focus on raising awareness about Drupal among non-technical users. Again, as someone who is in constant dialogue with enterprises working on digital transformation, I know that decision-makers here are largely non-technical folks who may or may not have heard of Drupal. Any help in making it easier to pitch Drupal to non-technical stakeholders would go a long way in making it a top choice for enterprise systems.

There was also talk about taking a more targeted approach, where community events, Drupal agencies, and hosting companies all work together to promote Drupal in the marketplace.

Improving Drupal for Drupalers

Apart from this, there’s also a push towards improving technical evaluation and documentation processes. That would be great for everyone already working on Drupal, as well as those teams that are just starting off.

In the same spirit, we had Srijan’s Kapil Kataria share a session on “Integrating Drupal Coding Standards with Githooks”. His talk centered using hooks to evaluate code at the pre-commit, pre-receive,and post-receive stages.

Most importantly, Dries launched the Values and Principles initiative, that focus on taking the community’s founding principles from a word-of-mouth version to a universally accepted, written version. As with all things Drupal, the process is democratic and the floor is open for discussion and contribution to improve upon these values.

Besides the DriesNote, the Srijan team at DrupalCon Nashville, with Ishan Mahajan, Ashish Goyal, Pavan Keshavmurthy, Ashwini Kumar, Kapil Kataria, and Manuj Varshney, had a great time discussing Drupal innovations and the larger technology landscape with the business stakeholders at the event.



Once you get talking, you realize that there are a lot of positive changes and diverse range of opportunities to be leveraged with Drupal.

The DrupalCons are also about fun giveaways by participating companies, and this year, we had a few of our own. We had an exciting contest at our booth where participants had to chat with Alexa to win some cool prizes: Amazon Echo, Google Home Mini, and LG Tone Pro headphones.

Over the three days, our lucky winners were: 

  • Jon Bauer, The Nerdery
  • Brian from Major League Soccer
  • Ezra from DLC Solutions
  • Sarah Wall, ImageX Media

So that’s it from DrupalCon Nashville. Now it’s time to get back to work, and see how these proposed changes and improvements materialize to make Drupal more appealing to businesses.

And given that Drupal 8 is moving from strength to strength, you might want to take a look a migrating to Drupal 8. Drop us a line and lets discuss how we can make that happen.

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Srijan sponsors DrupalCamp London

Posted by Gaurang Agrawal on Mar 1, 2018 11:28:00 AM

Srijan has been continuously giving back to the Drupal community by encouraging teams to contribute code, modules, and sponsoring events across the globe. This year, we are kickstarting the season with sponsoring DrupalCamp London.

About DrupalCamp London 

Drupal Camp London brings together brilliant minds from across the globe that have the zeal and the passion to develop and support the Drupal community. Drupal enthusiasts and volunteers - both individuals and organizations - have made the camp successful each time, and once again they are giving Drupalers a chance to meet, discuss and engage in the Drupal community.

The three day camp is being hosted at City, University of London from 2nd-4th March 2018 and will be a fantastic opportunity to gain contacts and share knowledge from your experiences. 

We also have three, very interesting sessions by Srijanites, at the event:

Accelerating Mobile Pages for Higher Performance and Engagement | Surbhi Sriwal
3 March 2018 | Room: ELG04

Surbhi will be speaking about her encounters and experiences while working with AMP on a Drupal site, and how it helps with ranking higher on Google SERPs. Join the session if you are curious about accelerating the speed and performance of your site, and want to fast track your mobile-first strategy.

Let’s Take the Best Route - Exploring Drupal 8 Routing System | Surbhi Sriwal
3 March 2018 | Room: B200

Surbhi will be discussing what Drupal’s routing system can do. She will be demonstrating the best practices while defining the routes, and talk about how routing dumps a URL matcher/generator to a particular route and how it maps an HTTP request.

New Recipe of Decoupling- Drupal 8, Symphony and Slim Framework | Jyoti Singh
4 March 2018 | Room: B200

Jyoti will share her latest project experience that used a decoupled and dis-joint architecture solution based on the three-tier architecture approach. The back-office operations, logical decisions, and frontend presentation layers were completely separate facilitating developers to innovate, and help site owners future-proof their builds by allowing them to refresh the design without re-implementing the whole CMS.

So, let's catch up at the three day camp in Northampton Square at City University, London.

Meanwhile, if you wish to discuss your digital transformation projects, just drop us a line below and our Drupal experts will be in touch.

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